What to expect from Colorado State’s Campus Recreation

Tyler Meguire

As the 2020 fall semester welcomes new and returning students, there are several uncertainties facing Colorado State University. What are classes going to look like? What is going on with fall and even spring sports? 

It is still unclear exactly how sports will be played this fall. As of now, we know that Campus Recreation is planning to reopen in the fall. Updates on opening with the pandemic can be found online at csurec.colostate.edu.


Campus Recreation hosts pick-up games of many popular sports. There are multiple big green fields spread around campus enabling people to compete in an endless amount of sports. Outside of the Rec Center are volleyball nets, basketball courts and a rink, all for multiple sports.

Field sports

You can do almost anything on the Intramural Fields or the other fields around campus and will see almost anything happening. Spike ball is becoming more prominent, and there will always be frisbee, whether it is competitive frisbee or a couple of friends passing it around. Sometimes, a whiffle ball game will take place behind the softball field. Touch football, tackle football, volleyball, soccer, catch and pretty much anything you can think of will be taking place when students return to campus.

Court sports

Pick-up basketball is the obvious sport taking place on the basketball courts. However, it is not the only Campus Recreation sport happening there. Skateboarders often hang around trying all sorts of tricks that are quite entertaining to watch. Cricket is sometimes played on the basketball courts as well — usually when there are fewer people around the area because it could be dangerous if someone is not paying attention.

Outdoor volleyball courts

The volleyball courts are slightly more limiting than the other places around campus because of the sand. A lot of volleyball is played day and night throughout the year. However, there are different variations of volleyball that can be played on the courts. One variation often played is banana ball — there are a couple of different names for this — where the players catch and throw the ball over the net with a limit on steps and how long the player can hold the ball.

Outdoor rink

The rink next to the basketball courts is home to multiple activities. A prominent one is an arena soccer type game where teams play soccer but play the ball of the walls. Roller-hockey is also played here, and sometimes people go in there to practice skating, Rollerblading and other things.

The reality is, almost any sport you can think of will be played outside on the CSU campus. Students will be excited to see their friends again and new students will be excited to experience the great things CSU has to offer. Usually, the players are willing to have people join their games and include everyone. If you are missing regular sports or looking for something to pass the time that is not incredibly competitive, look into Campus Recreation.

Tyler Meguire can be reached at sports@collegian.com or on Twitter @TMeguire.