Isabella Navarro plays softball for much more than herself

Junior Guerrero

It’s easy to see that Isabella Navarro loves to play softball.

Every time she steps foot on the field, it looks as if she’s having the time of her life. Whether it’s making great plays in the field, dancing in between outs or cheering on her teammates, Navarro gives it her all when she’s on the diamond.


“As soon as I step onto the field, I have an audience of one,” Navarro said. “I’m out there to play for my team and leave it all on the field, and that’s it.”

As one of the leaders of the team, Navarro puts the team first, prioritizing their success over her own. She does all she can to support her squad and keep the team positive no matter what. She knows that the team will always be there to support her, so she does the same.

“Whether I’m having my best game or not, I know that they have my back,” Navarro said. “Whenever I’m down, my teammates are going to pick me up, and whenever they’re down, I’m going to pick them up. If my teammates get a hit, I’m going to be more hyped than they are. I get so excited for them, because they are my teammates and I love them so much, … every single one of them.”

Navarro’s selfless attitude not only extends to her parents, teammates and coaches, but to God as well.

She praises God every chance she gets when she’s on the field. Whether it’s bowing down to God before the game, looking up into the sky in between pitches or folding her hands and sending her praises in the field, Navarro plays for him.

Isabella Navarro smiles while running toward home base after her teammate hit a home run with two players on base during the first Colorado State Classic March 1. The Rams won all three games they were able to play during the Classic. (Ashley Potts | Collegian)

“He gave me the sport. … He gave me talent, and I praise him for that,” Navarro said. “Every time I step onto the field, I bow down, do the sign of the cross and I look up letting him know that I’m playing for him. When I’m up to bat, I look up to him for guidance. All my confidence and my ability is through him, and he remains with me throughout the whole game.”

Navarro’s mother echoes this praise.

“She plays for God first and foremost,” Debbie White-Navarro said. “Whenever she goes up the plate, she’s always thanking God for her opportunity to be able to get on the field. When she goes out to her second base position, she kneels and praises God because her faith is what she feels has gotten her here.”

Navarro gives it all she has for God and her teammates when she’s on the field. This mindset didn’t arrive out of the blue. She attended Christian school when she was younger and was raised to have leadership qualities by her parents.

“Isabella (Navarro) went to a Christian school up to the seventh grade, and I believe this built her strong faith in God,” her father Pat Navarro said. “She is the oldest of three, so she has always been mature. I have always said that she has an old soul.”


Isabella Navarro celebrates with Jordan Acosta after scoring a run when her teammate hit a home run with two players on base during the first Colorado State Classic March 1. The Rams won all three games they were able to play during the Classic. (Ashley Potts | Collegian)

Navarro’s leadership is something that her parents really enjoy seeing. No matter how she plays on the field, she always leads and supports her team. 

“I’m so impressed with her selfless manner that she always has no matter the result of her last at-bat,” Pat Navarro said. “She has struggled with her hitting at times amidst a great offensive team, but comes back out on defense and gives it her all for her team. She is happy for her teammates’ success and celebrates it with her dancing and energy. I can only describe her as selfless.”

If praising God and showing ultimate support for her teammates isn’t enough, Navarro also plays a huge role in keeping the team together. As a team, everyone writes down a teammate’s name on their wrist as a symbol to show unity and that they have each other’s back, something that was Navarro’s idea.

“Isabella (Navarro) brings so much to the team regarding chemistry,” Debbie White-Navarro said. “She has the girls write the names of another player on their wrist and they play for that person. … I think she has made a difference this year, and that is one of the reasons why the girls have bonded the way they have.”

The selflessness is something that Navarro preaches.

“All of us, we get into a circle and (look to) the person to our left. We put the sign of the cross (on them) because we play for God first, and then we put their name on our wrists,” Navarro said. “We just play for each other. Being out there with my teammates is just so fun, and I think having that chemistry allows us to play the way that we do.”

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