Sports for Dummies: Fall sports to watch if you are not into football

Ashley Potts

Fall and football are basically synonymous in American culture. We associate cooler weather and the changing  color of leaves with tailgating and touchdowns.

The idealization of fall and being at a football game makes for a fun atmosphere, but if last week’s column did not convince you to dive head first into football fandom, there are plenty of other fall sports to partake in.



If giant men in pads crashing into each other just isn’t your thing, try something more graceful.

Volleyball season is in full swing, and the Colorado State University volleyball team is already digging into conference play. In my opinion, volleyball is one of the most entertaining sports to watch because of its athletic beauty.

Everything happens so fast and the slightest shrug of a shoulder or misplaced finger can throw everything off.

The amount of power behind every hit is hidden by how effortless the players make it look, until someone blocks it perfectly and the sound echoes throughout the entire gym.

The atmosphere in a place like Moby Arena can be just as lively as a football stadium under the right conditions, or it can be more somber, but watching volleyball is always a good time, especially when your team has a history of dominating the way the Rams have under Coach Tom Hilbert.


If giant men in pads crashing into each other is your thing, but you prefer it on skates, hockey season is gearing up to officially start next week. I would say hockey is the most similar fall sport to football, but much faster.

The ice increases the speed of everything. The players move faster, the puck moves faster and therefore there is more time in each play for things to happen. If you as a fan are in it purely for the entertainment factor, hockey is the best solution.

If you are lucky, you might even get to see someone drop gloves and punch their opponent in the face.


The atmosphere at most hockey games is just as rowdy, if not more rowdy, than your typical football game. While CSU does not have an official Division I team, there aremen’s and women’s club teams to help get your fix. If you’re really craving the atmosphere, a 20-minute drive to Loveland will put you directly into a minor league professional game and the fandom that comes with viewing the Colorado Eagles. 


If you are not into the big guys in pads or the chill of an ice rink, pull out your camping chair and head to the soccer field.

Soccer is a good mix of grace and action. Sometimes a pass is so perfect or players’ touch on the ball is so gentle and perfect that you cannot help but appreciate the simple act of controlling a ball that was just flying through the air.

Sometimes someone knocks someone else over without batting an eye or the keeper slams into someone  trying to score that you cheer for the sheer impact. Soccer is also a sport with no time-outs. If the constant breaks in football has you bored, try a game where the action almost never stops.

CSU’s women’s soccer team is getting into their Mountain West schedule right now and will have action on the field for your viewing through the end of October.

There is more to athletics than football. The world of sports is not contained through one avenue, so do not feel trapped. Explore and find a new adventure that each sport contains. 

Ashley Potts can be reached at or on Twitter @ashleypotts09.