Game time announced for CSU volleyball’s homecoming match

Luke Zahlmann

Homecoming for CSU will be a full day event athletically with volleyball having their game set for Oct. 14 at noon, with a live stream being available for fans that will be announced by the team’s official twitter account prior to the game.

The Rams will take on the Nevada Wolfpack, identical to football’s foe. A day conference match for volleyball will allow fans to file into Moby prior to the football game, and allow both teams to be supported throughout the day.


Having four of their five games on the road prior to their showdown with the Wolfpack, the Rams will be set to extend their dominance in the Mountain West conference in front of several parents and alumni that are on campus for homecoming.

A revelation for CSU athletics, volleyball has been ranked in the top 25 for a majority of the season and has upset multiple power five schools such as Michigan and Florida State, both ranked inside the top 16 at the time of their sweep at the hands of the Rams. Though the Mountain West does not boast any other top 25 teams, the Rams will face a road plagued with talent on their way to possibly hosting national tournament games.

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