Denver is back on the map (no, not thanks to a certain plant)

Band-wag-on: noun 2. a party, cause, movement, etc. that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers.

Some of you may wonder why I have presented you with this term. Others, who have cottoned on may feel a sting of indignation.


“I am NOT a bandwagonner!” “I’m a Colorado native and have always been a Broncos fan!” “I have a CUTLER  jersey!”

English: own work, GFDL license
English: own work, GFDL license (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rest assured, I am not (probably) talking about you. But lets not pretend that apparel sales for the Giants (SF and NY) haven’t skyrocketed over this past year, and tweets about LeBron James haven’t suddenly become a little more sweet.

It’s only human nature to want to join league with the winning team. That’s why jocks have such big-heads. People don’t flock to them for their sunny personalities-sorry. Nobody likes a loser.

Where is this coming from? I must admit I’m a little bit bitter about how quickly “fans” turned on Tebowmania and the Broncos last season when they were flattened by Tom Brady’s butt chin.

Then, when John Elway made the decision to ship Tebow off to suffer under Rex Ryan– it was as if he had the plague.

“Have you SEEN his throwing mechanics? I knew he sucked all along.”

Bandwagonning at its finest.

No one could have guessed that this season would be 10 times the excitement of last year’s roller coaster, but with the acquisition of future-hall-of-famer Peyton Manning, it has been.

The Broncos have outscored opponents by 71 points in the fourth quarter this season, the biggest margin league-wide. (Let me just note that the last two teams to do that each went to the Super Bowl).

Our 8-game win-streak is tops in the league as well. Obviously, it is no secret that we are kind-of kicking ass this season.


So naturally, people all over the nation are snatching up number 18 or 58 jerseys, booking tickets for next weeks’ game and posting Broncos-happy snippets all over the blogosphere.

But scrolling through Facebook or Twitter post-game exposes those statuses as more two-faced than Harvey Dent.

So, if (knock-on-wood, salt-over-shoulder, thumb-over-rabbits-foot) the Broncos do not win or make it to the Super Bowl this year- said bandwagonners will move to the next hot thing.

I don’t want to come off as unappreciative of the fandom in Denver, because it is pretty awesome. Mile-High magic is something to witness, fans included.

But #loyal sounds way cooler than #winning; especially after the whole Charlie Sheen bid… Anyway, get out there and support your team. Your real team, not the current, spot-lit, hot trend.

As for me, I’m a Broncos fan through and through. And if you stuck it out and rooted them on under Cutler’s astounding douche-baggery, McDaniels (brief but almost fatal) and Orton (Kuala or quarterback?), I think you can say the same. Also if you have this hat. Because, come on, it’s pretty neat.