High off some Raider-domination, Manning and the Broncos take on Brady’s Patriots

Even Peyton doubters have nothing but good things to say this week after the Bronco’s 37-6 route of the Raiders last Sunday.

I have to admit, it felt really good to be on the opposite side of the ball this week, there everything was going right instead if wrong.


Manning was 30 for 38 on the day for 338 yds, 3 TD passes and 0 interceptions. He also managed to hit every receiver or tight end at least once for a reception.

Demaryius Thomas still had the most yardage (103) on 5 receptions, but fellow wide receiver Eric Decker went for 79 yds on 7 receptions and scored his first touchdown of the season.

English: Eric Decker, a player on the Denver B...
English: Eric Decker, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“We learn more every week, and we are getting better every week,” Thomas said Monday on Around the League. “But I have never played with a quarterback (like Manning), so I never doubted him.”

Colorado State alumn Joel Dreessen got in on the action as well, catching the first touchdown of the game (#RamPride).

Denver did not have to punt in the game nor was Manning sacked, allowing both offense and defense to continue to gain impressive momentum.

Willis McGahee had a great game, rushing for 112 yards and a touchdown. Rather than declining in their 30s as many running backs do, McGahee seems to come out stronger every week.

Not to be overlooked, the Denver defense showed up in a big way on Sunday as well, sacking Oakland QB Carson Palmer 3 times and allowing only 12 first downs.

Rookie defensive end Derek Wolfe and safeties David Bruton and Rahim Moore had especially good games. Wolfe was crucial in the prevention of many 3rd down conversions and Oakland went 1-12 on attempts.  Moore’s near interception on a third down attempt led to a 4th down punt from Oakland which Bruton got a hand on, giving McGahee great field position for his touchdown.

Hopefully, we will be privy to more of this kind of play in this week’s game against the Patriots. It’s been a long while since the football world has witnessed a Manning-Brady showdown, and after New England’s freakish win against Buffalo, both teams are going to be high on success.

It’s going to be back to back excitement for Peyton, posting a “W” in his first Raider throw down, and of course, the rivalry between Tom and Peyton is palpable seen through a 12-inch screen with a fuzzy signal.


“He’s a great player, I know how hard he works at it,” Manning said of Brady in a Denver Post interview Wednesday. “I’ve always had an appreciation for guys who work that hard.”

Tom and Peyton are on similar planes this season, both at a 2-2 record with the two losses sandwiched in the middle.

As always, defenses have to be careful with the Pats trio of offensive threats. They boast the most productive tight end duo of Aaron Hernandez (6 REC, 59 YDS, 1 TD) and Rob Gronkowski (11 REC, 164 YDS, 2 TD), while wide receiver Wes Welker (25 REC, 380 YDS) tears it up on the longer passes.

Unfortunately, both Hernandez who was out from a week two ankle injury and Gronkowski  who was having hip problems returned to practice on Thursday. So, no easy out on those guys.

However, our offense should have high success since the Pats defense has allowed over 300 passing yards the past two weeks in a row.

If the Broncos come out this week anything like we did last week, Manning is sure to one-up Brady in what is a guaranteed good game.