LFTE: Help protect the community, campus and our newsroom

The Collegian

Four weeks ago, under various health precautions and new regulations, we all returned to campus to continue our education, and The Collegian came back to our Lory Student Center newsroom in order to provide content for CSU’s community. 

In addition to the state of global tragedy we are all experiencing to different extents, we are seeing the quality of our education decline as we witness the difficulties that come with learning during a pandemic: the communication barriers and awkwardness of video calls; the feelings of disengagement from our professors, classmates and support systems; the overwhelming feeling of being invalidated and ignored, that we aren’t being given what we paid for. 


Despite clear guidelines from professionals on how to reopen safely, universities across the country have been closing down due to rises in COVID-19 cases. We, as a community, must be aware that this could happen to Colorado State University as well and that the impacts of campus closing — while necessary for our safety — will have immensely negative consequences.

These issues are impacting students profoundly, and this impact extends to those of us at The Collegian

We know that our ability to stay here is not only contingent on our own individual actions. We are aware that the pandemic is the result not only of personal failures but also of institutional and political ones. This letter is a call to action to our community to reassess their values so that safety and education can take priority. 

From the CSU administration to business owners choosing to enforce county regulations to the Fort Collins community members and students, change has to come from everyone.

“You should be gravely concerned with the wellbeing of our community and with your opportunity to learn, expand your worldview and practice moving throughout the world as a well-rounded, ethical human being.”

For us at The Collegian, our jobs, income and education rely on that change. We know that so many members of our audience’s do too.

For some background, The Collegian is a part of the larger Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation. Also included are KCSU, CTV, College Avenue, Student Video Productions and large marketing and advertising teams. All 200+ staff members, which include both students and advisors, operate out of the same office in the Lory Student Center, an office that will close down for the rest of the semester if two of us test positive. 

We rely on the experience, the relationships and the income that comes from Rocky Mountain Student Media. Most, if not all, of these things will be lost if we go fully online again.

Logistically, life back online would not provide students with the educational experiences that student media is meant for. KCSU will not be able to produce in the studio, it is uncertain whether CTV would be able to continue recording content and The Collegian will be forced to stop printing. With no physical paper, a lot of the hard work we have put in to plan out dynamic content goes down the drain. In addition, we would lose the bulk of our income, which relies heavily on print advertising. 

Not only is the income of the company at stake, though; many students, advisors and professional staff rely on it. Student media was already struggling financially, and we are only one of many examples of how the pandemic has only increased financial inequality regarding who gets the opportunity to have work experience while also paying for college.

Partying isn’t the college experience you should be worried about missing out on. You should be gravely concerned with the wellbeing of our community and with your opportunity to learn, expand your worldview and practice moving throughout the world as a well-rounded, ethical human being. 


We, as the editorial board of The Collegian, are simply asking you to do your part in keeping not only our organization open but the many other resources and groups on campus as well. Do not just think about us, but think about the many campus organizations that have gone online, the thousands of students not receiving the in-person classes they are paying for and the health and wellbeing of our community.


Lauryn Bolz, editor-in-chief

Abby Vander Graaff, content managing editor

Matt Tackett, digital & design managing editor

The editorial board can be reached at editor@collegian.com or on Twitter @CSUCollegian.