Head to head: Rocky Mountain Showdown should continue tradition at Mile High

Leta McWilliams

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Since 1893 Colorado State University and University of Colorado Boulder have come face to face for the most anticipated game of the season. Starting in 1998, both schools would meet in Denver at the Mile High Stadium for a shared night of school spirit and intense competition. 


This year is the final year in which both teams will travel to Mile High in Denver. I believe this will be harmful to the tradition. The Showdown should continue to be played in Denver. The location change of the Showdown will be harmful to the spirit of the game because less people will come to the showdown, there will be less equality and a loss of uniqueness to the rivalry. 

Having the Showdown in Denver allows for thousands to come from both universities, and all around Colorado. It provides a day dedicated to eating buffalo burgers and covering ourselves in green and yellow glitter. Mile high provides neutral turf for both universities so it allows for students, parents, and alumni to meet in a common location that isn’t too far. Mile High Stadium can hold over 75 thousand people. CSU’s new stadium can hold approximately 40 thousand people, and Folsom Field can hold about 53 thousand. Having the Showdown in both Fort Collins and in Boulder prohibits thousands of fans from coming to the game. It also makes it more difficult for people to travel to depending on where they live.

Having the Showdown in Fort Collins and in Boulder will make the games far less balanced. Having such an intense rivalry can sometimes create physical conflict, so having a balance between fans from both sides is important. Being at Mile High is important because it’s in a neutral place, making the amount of Rams and Buffs at the game is relatively equal. Having the games in either Fort Collins or Boulder will make it less equal because there will be a higher attendance from the home team. It may not be as fun for the traveling team because it will feel like a more intimidating environment, which hurts the spirit of the game.

Finally, having the Showdown in Denver is unique and special to the CSU versus CU rivalry. Every year, Rams and Buffs alike share the excitement of being able to go to a new stadium, a more authentic environment, and cheer on their football teams. Rivals get to express their school spirit in a passionate way that is unique to Colorado teams. The Rocky Mountain Showdown is the game of the season because of the fact that it is such a unique event.

There is a lot of confusion about whether the Rams and the Buffs will play each other past their contract, but as long as there’s a showdown, I believe in should be played in Denver to keep the spirit of rivalry strong. 

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