Top Read: ‘liberal professors hinder student growth’ by Allec Brust.

Allec Brust

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I am the sole believer in a well rounded education. I wrote the column ‘the overpopulation of liberal professors at CSU is hindering to students’ as a sort of social experiment; I wanted to know if other liberal students agreed. At many college campuses, large populations of liberal professors has become the norm. I find it hindering that my education is being reserved to my own views. In order to get a good education, we must be taught by those who embody many different viewpoints.


I am pleased at the positive discourse that was sparked as a result of this conversation. Often, I am met with a plethora of ad hominem attacks on social media. Although the haters are my motivators, it is refreshing to see a column of mine met with positivity. This column represents the reason I got into journalism: to get people talking.

If I can use my voice to start a discussion, I have done my job. Thank you to all who read my work and contribute to the conversation.