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Tougaw: Democrats have created Donald Trump as a protest vote for conservatives

Donald Trump can say whatever he wants without losing voters. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it. The actions of the the protestors in front of the Trump event yesterday on the Colorado State University campus have solidified the fact that many of those who are voting for Trump are not doing so entirely in support of the candidate, but as a silent protest against the lunacy of the left.

Yesterday, Oct. 11, a symbolic wall was erected on the plaza with statements saying “Build that wall!” and “Hillary for prison!”. The wall intended to garner a strong reaction, and that is what it got. Hundreds of students surrounded the wall in an attempt to express their disdain for Trump and his followers. As was intended, the wall created a lot of dialogue. I stood outside the wall protest and watched the events that unfolded in order to gain a better understanding of the dynamics that permeate each side of the candidate’s supporters and detractors. At first, many of the protestors engaged in very civil debate. In fact, I watched three men argue with a Trump supporting female over the pitfalls and poor laws regarding abortion. After they had concluded, everyone shook hands and told one another that they still respected each other, despite their conflicting beliefs.


What was great about the wall was that it was erected as a free speech wall, meaning that anyone, regardless of political affiliation, could write whatever they wanted on it. Of course, this meant hateful things were written, but for the most part, it remained civil and dialogue based. That didn’t last long.

When the college democrats and other protestors of Trump heard about the ability to slather their opponents wall with whatever they wanted, they showed up in force to dowse the wall in ‘Love Trumps Hate’ posters and other deep, insightful commentary such as “Suck my dick Donald Trump.” They used their posters to cover the words that others had written on the wall in support of Trump. An older lady at the event intentionally covered the Trump flag during a photo attempt while grabbing a female Trump supporter without her permission. She then proceeded to tell another young lady that she could only pet her dogs if she promised to vote for Clinton. When the young lady said no, she was told she couldn’t touch the woman’s dogs.

It gets better: At one point, amidst the personal slurs form both sides, some young woman burst through the crowd and, with a sharp implement, completely ripped apart and slashed a box that read “build that wall.” She then ran away from her cowardly act by saying “Fu*k all ya’ll” and flipping off the crowd. After this, the wall was completely knocked over by protestors. Where is the dialogue? Where is the tolerance?

The actions of the leftist protestors is exactly the kind of thing that makes people want to vote for Trump. Julia Borowski, a prominent Libertarian author and anti Trumper, stated in a video that “If you block traffic during a protest, I’m for whatever you’re against. I do not want to like Trump, but they make it so hard.” This is the sentiment that Trump voters are following: If you act like an idiot, then they are going to support whatever you are against. If you are so weak that words offend you and make you literally cut them off of someone else’s property, then they are going to support whatever you are against. That behavior is not acceptable and makes others want to act in the opposite fashion.

While I’m sure that that girl and all her little buddies are high-fiving each other and laughing about what she did, the rest of the campus saw that and resolved to vote for what she acted against: Donald Trump.

Conservatives at Colorado State don’t generally protest the way that these college leftists chose to do. Of course you have campus preachers and Planned Parenthood protestors, but those people are religiously motivated instead of politically, and are also not students. To put it in perspective, college democrats have had a pinata of Trump at their booth for weeks, if not months, now. A pinata is generally used as an object to be beaten and split open until the insides come out. What protests came out of that? What conservatives stole the pinata or knocked it down? none. When asked why there were no protests over the Trump pinata, one College Democrat member said “well, you should get organized then.” Another real clever zinger that probably has a bunch of people laughing, while ten more people that heard that have decided to vote for Trump in protest of their hypocrisy.

Of course the violence and protest go both ways and I’m not insinuating that they don’t. Trump followers beat up Clinton followers, while Clinton followers assault and egg Trump followers. Neither side is blameless. Right now, I am drawing attention specifically to the Colorado State campus. What is true, as exemplified by the wall protestors, is that the left reacts much more violently. On that same day, there was a booth for reproductive justice as well as an LGBT ‘coming out day’ booth in the exact same area at the exact same time. Where were the conservatives protesting that? Where were the protestors knocking over their property? There were none.

This is why people are using Trump as an outlet to express their complete disdain with the actions of the left. They might not like Trump at all, but they support whatever these radical protestors are against.

Im not advocating that this is a good idea or that I, in any way, support this way of thinking, but I am telling that it is happening. I don’t think that Trump will win this election, but this sentiment will travel far beyond this election. If you keep driving that wedge deeper and deeper, it will be impossible to remove.



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  • A

    Aquila LatinOct 18, 2016 at 10:21 am

    This election has been so violent because there is a lot at stake. We have a man without any previous political experience, a billionaire, that garners attention by saying Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, to deport millions of families, that all Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S. (for however long), that LGBT marriage rights should be taken away. You have a man endorsed by the KKK, by Putin in Russia, by Kim Jong-un in North Korea. You have a man that is going to decrease taxes for the wealthy, and increase them for the poor and middle class (increasing national debt to over $5 trillion). You have a man that defines Prisoners of War as “losers,” and is threatening to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, which finally gave 20 million families the ability to get health insurance (including my own family). He does not represent American values. People are supporting a man that states that soldiers with PTSD are not as strong as those who come back home without it. That poor, minority communities are criminals and lazy because that’s just who they are. Trump is a man that would incite violence at his own rallies. Call it what you will-but when you are threatening to tear apart families, to deny healthcare to millions of Americans, to spend trillions on building a wall constructed on hate and fear-mongering, you are asking for people to fight for their lives and the lives of their families. Trump has instigated violence, and that is what he and his supporters are receiving.

  • M

    MikeOct 13, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    I’m all for coming together instead of alienating one another, but I don’t believe this incident is a great example of the Democratic voting population. I think that you are falling into the trap of those whom you reproach, you’re balkanizing collegiate Democratic voters in this one instance. If your vote is swayed by traffic being held up or a few jerks acting out, then you make up a piece of the voting pie nobody cares about, because it’s not exactly fact based, or even fact adjacent. There are indeed radicals on both sides of the political line, and we need to bring it together, but I don’t believe Trump voters are being verified by the actions of a few simple minded extreme leftist kids. The lunacy of the left you describe here seems to be made up of a little group of small minded people, and a rebuttal against the “popular media’s” portrayal of the lunacy of the right, which to be fair is focused on by broadcast television pretty reliably.

    People who are voting Trump are voting republican and are voting for issues like Pro Life vs. Pro Choice which is still an argument at the very top of many voters minds. Democrats acting however they act won’t change that. Voting for Trump is not a protest of “leftist lunacy” it’s an active decision to support a person whose beliefs align with your political party’s, and hopefully your’s as well.

    Lastly, for the piñata, I believe much more offensive things have been painted on signs and printed on shirts across the nation from the extreme right to give a decorative and hopefully candy filled Mexican ornament a pass.