Brust: The overpopulation of liberal professors at CSU is hindering to students

Generally, most college professors are liberal. According to the New York Times, in 2014, the ratio of liberal to conservative professors was 6 to 1. I myself haven’t had a conservative professor yet in my time as an undergraduate. Although it is nice having teachers whose views mirror mine, it would be nice to be challenged a little more in the classroom. Not only challenged, but also to see a new perspective.

Who wants one perspective anyway? It is not a bad thing to be educated on other political and social views. Without one side, the opposing side does not exist.


The world is not an entirely liberal place, so why would it make sense to be educated through only a liberal perspective? It doesn’t. How could anybody consider themselves educated only seeing one side of the argument?

Just like a football team watches their opposing teams film before a game, shouldn’t we want to understand the ins and outs of the social views that oppose our own? It just makes sense to educate yourself on how the other team operates differently from your own.

As the 2016 election approaches, there’s certainly downfalls to having a majority of professors lean left. Yeah, its totally awesome being able to agree with my professors and feel comfortable in the classroom, but comfort shouldn’t be a goal.

There is really no solution to this problem other than an individual effort. We as students need to understand the benefits of understanding conservative views as well as the art of debate and disagreement. You don’t have to believe in conservative views, just know the history behind them to further enhance your own views.

I want to be challenged. I want to meet a professor who I disagree with. I want to argue with my teachers in order to advance in my education. Liberal students who don’t learn the art of discussion and arguing are not going to reach their full potential and, frankly, in the professional world, they will get swallowed up by the diversity of opinion.

The world is not filled with like minded people. Going into the real world expecting this beautiful, tolerant, socially awake lifestyle that is so stereotypical of college campuses will not benefit you. Conservative college students are going to be more seasoned in the practice of arguing, while we will fall back and not understand why our opinions no longer represent the majority. We will continue to argue without seeing the other side without education on conservative views.

Maybe I just want a good student vs. professor argument once in a while, maybe I’m just bored, but I want a more diverse education. I am not deserting my social or political views; I want to enhance them through discussion, argument, and debate, and every liberal should too.