A Letter from the Editor

Erik Petrovich

Erik Petrovich, Editor-in-Chief of the Collegian 2016/17. (Natalie Dyer | Collegian)
Erik Petrovich, Editor-in-Chief of the Collegian 2016/17. (Natalie Dyer | Collegian)

One of the greatest things about Colorado State University is our vibrant community of students and campus clubs.

Whereas many universities exhibit a rather lackluster ability to get students involved or railroad students into clubs based on their majors, the culture at CSU encourages trying new things and being unafraid of joining clubs that don’t align with your major. 


The official CSU count of on-campus organizations is over 400, spanning majors from mechanical engineering to anthropology, from computer science to political science. There is one on-campus organization that stands apart from the others, though, in both size and scope. 

That organization is the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, the 100 percent student-run media organization behind the only daily student paper in the entire state of Colorado that you hold in your hands, the renowned radio station you listen to on 90.5 FM, and the informative and entertaining shows you watch on Comcast Channel 11.

We run independently from CSU as our own corporation, and as a result are able to report on whatever stories we come across, both on campus and in the Fort Collins community. While some universities control their student media programs, with professors and professional staff dictating rules and direction, there are about half a dozen professional staff members at RMSMC – and nearly all of them are responsible for advising our editors.

In a lot of ways, the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation is the best place to truly become involved with the local community, on campus and off, as we cover the other 400 clubs on campus as well as local businesses and issues that you might not have been privy to otherwise.

If being published in an award-winning paper, working for an energetic TV crew or sharing your favorite music with us for two hours at the radio station sounds at all interesting to you – come say Hi. 

Our newsroom and headquarters are located in the basement of the LSC, right across from the main stairway, and someone will always be around to welcome you and talk about your interests.

If none of that sounds interesting to you, I probably won’t be able to say anything to convince you otherwise. 

But keep a look out for the Collegian on campus, listen to KCSU, and check out CTV – you won’t want to miss out on what we will be bringing you this 2016/17 school year.