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LTTE: Sydoriak’s response to the Conservative Interest Group of ASCSU senators

In response to the recent LTTE from ASCSU senators

By Jason Sydoriak, ASCSU president
Throughout my time as ASCSU President, I have embraced the criticism without response, but given the amount of misinformation it is apparent the writers, and most likely readers, of the recent LTTE are unaware of who I am or the context of my actions. I hope to correct that with this response. In addition, I believe there is some confusion over my intentions to appeal the recent ASCSU election. 


First, I don’t mean to direct this towards all of the “signatories”. It has to come to light that some signatories did not provide consent for their names to be used in this letter. Besides some of the baseless name-calling, I would like to set some records straight. I did write a bill to remove Peter James Seel from his duties as Speaker Pro Tempore. I still have that bill, which displays a warranted list of his failures in that role and anyone can ask for a copy to read. I decided not to pursue it because I felt that leaders in Senate, such as Vice President Phoenix Dugger or Membership Officer Mike Lensky, should pursue it. By then, Mr. Seel had made a concerted effort to reverse his behavior, which is all we wanted from the beginning.

In regards to the impeachments, those spearheading them asked for my support. I told them they had no grounds to impeach nine of them and therefore they should stop the effort. Thankfully, those impeachments were dropped that day. However, the one impeachment I supported, was being pursued by Mike Lensky, which failed to materialize. This individual had committed actions which led to some individuals feeling so uncomfortable that they left ASCSU. If the individual was in the Executive Branch, I would have fired them, but they were in Senate and no leadership there has taken actions to reprimand them.

The LTTE by a few Senators talks about honor. As a US Marine I know a few things about honor and what it means to be devoted to your duty and those you serve. I knew before submitting the appeal of the election that it would damage my reputation given the circumstances. However, the preservation of the rules and guidelines of our organization will always hold priority over my popularity.

Regarding my “legacy” I am constantly accused preserving some sort of legacy within ASCSU. That is false. My legacy is fighting two wars for my country for which I almost gave my life to, and would have gladly done so. Simply because I have a profound sense of duty to preserve the institutions that form this nation.

For the past year I have kept both the CSU and Fort Collins Police Departments accountable, did my best to hold the City of Fort Collins accountable on student issues as well as CSU administration accountable. My integrity as the President of ASCSU would not be sound if I did not try to keep ASCSU accountable as well. If people looked at my record as president and as a citizen, the appeal should be no surprise.

Some might see ASCSU as unproductive or something taken lightly and it will continue to be viewed this way if its own officials do not take the rules it has established serious themselves. Daniela was given incorrect information to continue running with Mike as an official campaign rather than a write in campaign. That was an unfortunate mistake made by several ASCSU official’s opinion that I tried to highlight before elections were over. It was my mistake that I didn’t press the issue then. Regardless there needs to be some corrective action determined by the Judicial.

Serving overseas I have seen what separates a stable country from one like ours. It is the arbitrary application of some laws and exceptions for others. Eventually people begin to fight for what institutions should look like and how strictly they should be enforced. ASCSU is not some instable government overseas, but as citizens we need to appreciate what is worth defending.

ASCSU has an issue with writing legislation that affects solely ASCSU rather than the students they serve. Without our institutions we are lost, without our institution’s integrity intact we are nothing but children playing government providing exceptions when things don’t go our way or when we make mistakes. This is why it is important to hold people accountable and follow the rules and legislation created. Now, no one knows what the Judicial will decide on the appeal. This situation won’t be fixed unless we follow the rules put in place to ensure it doesn’t remain as dysfunctional as some view it to be. ASCSU officials all have a duty to follow the rules, and when those rules become an unjustified impairment then they should be changed. But first have the tenacity to change them before breaking them for arbitrary reasons.

Lastly, please leave the rest of Executive Branch out of this. My actions have always been my own and lead by my own conscious. They are some of the most hard working people in ASCSU and don’t deserve the petty drama that has been created. Hopefully this response brings some light to some of my actions and my character. As always, my door is always open so please feel free to contact me regarding any lingering questions or concerns. 


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  • A

    Anonymous SpartanApr 20, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Fiat justitia et pareat mundus.

  • M

    marksettleApr 15, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    As a ’08 CSU graduate and a proud former member of ASCSU, I’m disappointed about this episode, especially the shortsighted and unfair decision to try to overturn the results of this election. President Sydoriak knows better than anyone that the President-Elect should be busy planning for her term and hiring her team–not dealing with crap being thrown from the top. How blind must he be to sandwich his lament over ASCSU’s penchant for inside baseball between his call for “the rules” to take precedence over everything else–the consequences be damned, not just to his reputation, but self-evidently to ASCSU’s as well?