Our View: We can handle dead week, Rams

The Collegian

As the fall semester draws to a close, it is a time for reflection, nervously checking for final grades and rejoicing in the pending winter break. Unfortunately, that is not the case this week. Between the countless essays, group projects and final exams coming up, the Colorado State University population is preparing to endure dead week.

This semester has flown by, and everyone is ready to be done. Sure, some professors may have our best interest at heart, but moving a final into dead week can make this week exponentially more difficult. Other professors can be overly ambitious in the amount of material they wish to teach in a semester, presenting new material during this week rather than reviewing for finals and giving us a breather. Not to mention, the fall semester is relatively long in comparison to the spring semester, with the only break arriving practically at the end of the semester.


We’re not going to deny it: this week is arguably one of the worst in the semester, but we’ve obviously made it this far. Three months of cramming, late nights and gallons of coffee later, we only have one week left. While this week is obviously going to be hectic, we should all remember to take care of ourselves. Treat yourself to a delicious and grossly fattening meal this week, splurge on some quality coffee or tea and, arguably most important, get some good sleep.

It’ll be rough, but we can do it Rams.

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