Fort Hood’s call to action

Five years ago, there was a shooting at Fort Hood in which 13 people were fatally shot and 30 others were wounded. Tragically, there was another Fort Hood shooting yesterday, killing four people including a self-inflicted fatality of the shooter and wounding 14 others at last count.

There are 382 CSU undergrads that are from Texas; our second highest out of state origin behind California. For those Rams this directly affects, our thoughts are with you.


This is a military base; these are the people that have chosen to fight for our country and protect its citizens within. It’s tragic this is far from the first time that it’s happened, and there seems to be very little being done to prevent it.

This is a call for the United States to take better care of its soldiers. Those that are suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety have received limited treatment if any at all, both in and out of service. We need programs not only for veterans, but for active duty personnel that attend specifically to the mental state of those that have enlisted. This is a call to action – how many tragedies of this sort need to happen before we answer?

We thank the military members for the service that they do, and we want them to be taken care of. Their job is one of the hardest in the country, and it’s sickening that people who chose to sacrifice everything were taken away in a place that is supposed to be safest. Keep their families in your thoughts, and let’s do something to answer the call to change that we’ve been presented with.