Get Colorado water under control

In Colorado, some regions have methane in their water. Luckily, methane levels in Fort Collins are better than elsewhere, but the fact that some people in Colorado can light a match to their faucet and kindle a flame is alarming.

This is far from the first potential problem with water that we’ve had here in Fort Collins — the city lost the water rights to the Poudre due to paperwork issues, for one. People need to get this under control, because the safety of the public’s drinking water should always be paramount.


CSU is researching this, however, and it is refreshing to see that there are people out there that care enough about this to make inferences on how to solve some of the issues that we’re having. Someone is looking at how we can get drinking water to be completely safe; it should not be too much to ask that we not worry when we turn on the tap.

This is not something that we can ignore. Thanks to CSU’s research department, more information about water contamination will be available. Even though methane may be in our water, hopefully it won’t be that way for long.