Taking steps towards equality

Equality is slowing becoming a staple in our country; the Department of Justice just made a statement saying that they will be following the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, which means that spouses will no longer be called to testify against their significant other, that they can file jointly for bankruptcy and will have the same rights as heterosexual spouses when it comes to federal prison visiting.

The changes will be made following a memorandum that will be issued Monday.


This is a great step in the walk towards complete equality; this is something that people have been anticipating for quite a while now, and it is refreshing to see the federal government respond in such a big way. This is the first big move that has taken place on the federal level, and these changes will take place even in states where same-sex marriage isn’t recognized.

We tip our hats off to the lawmakers that had a hand in this, and we salute the same-sex couples that now get to benefit from these changes. As students, we are part of a progressive generation, and shudder to think that our peers wouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else. We love seeing that other generations are embracing this and being proactive towards changing archaic laws that unfairly discriminate those who are different.