Rams’ Rede: we want to advise you

“Young adult” is such a frustrating term. Adult implies that you have your life together- that you know and understand your responsibilities and are executing them flawlessly. Young would imply that you still have time yet, that you can still revel in childhood and crawl up in a blanket fort and color if necessary. Combine the two, and you can find yourself in limbo.

As young adults here at CSU, it can be hard to find out exactly where you are in life. The more you talk to people, the more you find that there are very few peers that have what they’re going to do beyond graduation figured out. As we travel along this road called life, with a destination of “who we want to be”, many of us find ourselves whining, “are we there yet?”


College is hard. There are classes to deal with, social lives to attend to, the always present fear of finding nothing to do when you get handed that diploma. Fortunately, we have found a place for you to turn to.

Rams’ Rede (the dictionary definition of “rede” is to consult or advice- clever, huh?) is an anonymous advice column for you Rams. If you’re having trouble with professors, classes, significant others, roommates, grades, jobs, bosses- you get the drift. Anything you need help with, this is the place to turn to.

And fortunately, Rams’ Rede is a plethora of knowledge regarding things that everyday college students face. We are students ourselves, so we understand the frustrations of trying to find yourself not only in the university context, but in the general “young adult” life context. We are the people to turn to, because we have made our own mistakes and learned from them.

The beauty of this whole deal about is being anonymous is this: there is a very high probability that you are not the only one having issues in life. If you’re having issues with your significant other, we can guarantee you that there are hundreds of other couples dealing with the same thing. If it’s classes that are really frustrating you, there are plenty of other people in the same boat. Since this is a public forum, by writing in to us, you’re not only helping yourself but allowing us to help the others that are dealing with the problems that you are.

Bottom line: write into us, because it’s going to be a fun ride.

Send in your rants via email- letters@collegian.com, or text at 970-430-5547.