Letter to the Editor: A response to Aaron Kolb

Truly, we live in a nation of religious freedom. Here, individuals can own businesses without being forced to violate their religious beliefs.

Scratch that. Now, religious freedom is restricted to those whose beliefs support contraceptives.


Mr. Kolb’s dismissal overlooks the fact that, since corporations are run by human beings, ACA’s contraceptive mandate ultimately demands the submission of human beings. As human beings, business owners shouldn’t have to choose between religious freedom and economic success. If being the direct or indirect supplier of a given substance violates their religious beliefs, they shouldn’t have to provide it.

Ironically enough, contraceptives aren’t really health care. They’re an indulgence. Their primary function and true purpose – preventing pregnancy, which isn’t a disease – are in the name, regardless of whatever additional functions they might arguably serve.

The ACA requires business owners to facilitate our recreational sex by helping us prevent pregnancy. The ‘take control’ argument is hilariously hollow here. We are trampling business owners’ religious freedom so we can get high on coitus – a decision we already control –without the responsibility that must accompany that decision.

The corporate personhood issue is irrelevant. In the end, the ACA demands the submission of human beings. Let’s use logic and scientific thinking: freedom of religion should not be limited to only those whose beliefs convenience us. Let the business owners have their freedom.

If we’re too hooked on recreational sex to simply give it up and avoid the responsibility entirely, we should pay for the indulgence of contraceptives ourselves.

Cole Buckon is a senior environmental engineering major. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com