Letter to the Editor – Response to Allison Chase

In her Oct. 21 editorial, Alison Chase said the Christian God “is love”.  In fact, he is anything but.  A cursory reading of the Old Testament is proof enough.  In it he kills men, women and children alike. He tells those under his command to commit genocide and take young girls as sex slaves.  Is this really the God of this world?

In her piece, she excoriates Brother Jed, but then acknowledges the worst of what he said is true, eternal damnation.  We didn’t all grow up in the environment that Allison did. We didn’t all get baptized as young children, knowing nothing else but Christianity.  Some of us were raised without a religion and had to do our own search for truth with no parental guidance.  This led us to explore and question all religions.  When you witness these religions as an outsider, you are able to see things that the adherents don’t see.


In my 10 year search for truth, I explored Christianity more intensely than any of the other religions because it is the prevailing religion.  The bloodshed committed by the God of the old testament, the talk of eternal torture by the Messiah in the New Testament, and the historical record of atrocities committed by the Church were enough for me to rule out the God of the Bible as the one true God.  God must be moral, God must be just, and God must be LOVE.  Allison’s God is none of these things.

Joel Ricklefs is a CSU masters student.