Letter to the Editor – Don’t tell me his name

Massacres commonly make first page news. These events are tragic for the families and friends of victims. Because of the media’s presentation of the horrific acts of a criminal, s/he gets a lot of “glory” for their violent attacks. It is more likely that someone who is not directly involved in an attack will remember the name of the murderer than the names of the victims. This is truly disappointing.

The media should change their strategy for reporting these heinous mass-killings. Repeating the criminal’s name over and over again on the nine o’clock news and printing their name in every article is only giving them a form of praise for killing innocent people. While there are many things that motivate the killers, the fame (or infamy) is a very attractive one.


I personally refuse to use any mass murderer’s name when discussing a massacre. By saying “Columbine shooting,” “Virginia Tech” or “Aurora massacre” it is clear which incident is being discussed. There is no need to worship the criminal in these horrors.

Just recently, on Aug. 20 an elementary school in Decatur, Georgia became another school that has experienced the terror of having someone with the intention of murder enter their building. The criminal has been named, but you won’t hear their name from me. Please join me in not giving this violent offender the satisfaction of having his name on everybody’s lips. They are an immoral criminal, not a celebrity. Let’s keep it that way.

Shilo Lorenz is a junior psychology student.