Connection issues are problematic

The Internet has become an inescapable fact of life. We use it for just about everything: entertainment, socializing, information gathering and research. Our generation practically grew up with the Internet, and it is forever intertwined with who we are, for better or worse.

However, one of the greatest inconveniences that exists here at CSU is students’ inability to connect with the wireless network.


The WiFi on campus is, shall we say, awful. It’s hard to connect to even at the best of times, and even when it does work, the network speed is slow and prone to spontaneous disconnection. This happens all over campus. Some buildings have it better than others, whereas some buildings don’t get it at all.

While the university is working on solving the problem by upgrading the current network, the current upgrade only works for newer computers or mobile devices and can’t be used by everyone. It feels a bit like a short-term solution, much like a painkiller rather than a treatment plan.

We understand that there may be technical difficulties associated with upgrading a network that spans the entire campus. However, we also feel that a WiFi improvement would be a very good investment of our student fees that would also be, dare we say it, popular with the student body.