Response to Tyanna Slobe’s immigration column

English: Container used for illegal immigratio...
English: Container used for illegal immigration to the U.S., 22 Chinese were arrested at the Seattle seaport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone in the U.S. who is here without proper documentation is breaking a national law. His/her behavior is criminal and he/she a criminal. These individuals are here illegally; their behavior is illegal. To label something else is misleading.

For those immigrants who have knowingly come here illegally, they are without regard for our laws, and do we really need more people in our society who believe the laws do not apply to them? Ask anyone who is “in line” for legal immigration what they think of these criminals jumping ahead of them. Ask them if they think it is acceptable, and fair. I bet they would say they should get in line.


Furthermore, to compare today’s “undocumented immigrants” to others who came here, to the U.S., before documents were required is erroneous. Since 1789, a process has been required for citizenship. Before that there were some other issues more pressing to tend to, like disassociation from Britain, setting up the government and writing the Constitution, to name just a few.

This taps into another, even more pressing issue: National Security. As a nation under assault from radicals and terrorists who seek to kill us at any opportunity, we need to know who is entering our country, what their business of being here is, and when they plan on leaving. If they plan on permanent residency, they have certain requirements for the honor and privilege of this. It is “nice” that foreigners want to come to America. (It is the land of opportunity.) Immigration is a founding condition of our nation, one that has enriched our existence.

This subject has nothing to do with them being “people of color.” It has to do with the fact that they are law-breakers, not foreigners. Therefore, this issue is not a racial issue. It is a status, a condition, a behavior choice. I therefore, place the blame for the “I-WORD” not on those who use it, but on those who by their illegal actions earn it.

Victoria Queen is a Senior Psychology Major.