Obama’s ten cents

English: U.S. President delivers the while sta...
English: U.S. President delivers the while standing in front of President of the Senate and Speaker of the House . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The president’s first State of the Union post reelection is his best opportunity to try to champion and push through legislation on issues he’d like to solve during his last term. Obama was quite ambitious in his address last night, laying out his vision for everything from gun control to immigration.

As Obama spoke, it was evident that some of his more partisan proposals weren’t met with resounding approval from every representative, bringing to the forefront once again the divide in our anemic government.


This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. Our divisive and combative system will hopefully take Obama’s proposals and with compromise from both sides, will compromise into legislation that is better thought out and more agreeable to all parties — and there really is so much to be done.

Obama highlighted the essentiality of investing in education, clean energy, infrastructure and a number of other entitlement programs, underscoring the importance of spending and investing today to build a better future tomorrow.

While we will reap the benefits of these investments, though, it is our generation that will also ultimately be paying the price tag. So as Obama seeks to accomplish his high minded goals while already faced with a large deficit, titanic debt and a sluggish economy, he must do so with balanced proposals that don’t increase spending even by a dime — as he vowed during his address.

Good luck, Mr. President, during your final term in the White House. We’ll be anticipating great things these next four years, and we’ll be closely watching our dimes.