To splurge or not to splurge?

Celine Wolff

Everyone wants to own nice things; everyone wants to spend money wisely. However, there’s a difference between a nice thing that is going to be a trend and a nice thing that is going to be a classic. Why spend more if the item will become outdated in a year?

Phone Cases


It is extremely difficult to find a phone case that is cute, affordable, and will protect your phone. You would think that buying a Kate Spade or Tory Burch case would automatically check off all those requirements, but the catch is, it all depends on the material of the phone case. Whether doing high-end or low-end, avoid plastic, because it scratches and cracks on the corners.  Try to find a rubber/gooey material instead.

Save or Splurge? You should splurge if you plan on having the same phone for years, but save if you upgrade often.


Oversized Watches

Fossil and Michael Kors oversized watches are very popular right now. The oversized style is preppy and girly, making a great addition to every outfit by pulling it together. What I have noticed is how most of the watch bands’ color rubs off or fades after a year.

Save or Splurge? Watches will always be a classic, but the over-sized style is a trend. To get the same look, I bought a watch from Charming Charlie’s.

Leather Crossbody Bag

You’ve seen them everywhere: a brown faux leather crossbody. You can find them at every fast fashion store. They look great for the first week, and then loose all shape and even start to stretch over time. Let’s just be honest: it looks cheap.

Save or Splurge? The bag style is classic enough that you should splurge and buy one that will last. It doesn’t have to be leather to be nice, but material does matter. Avoid polyurethane options, like this bag from Nordstrom.  My all time favorite messenger (the top right bag from the collage above) is this adorable Fossil crossbody.

Summer Sandals


This style of shoe is probably the kind you have the most of. There’s so many styles, colors, and cheap options, that it is an easy item to stock up on.

Save or Splurge?

Instead of having ten different inexpensive pairs and having to deal with a strap breaking or rhinestones falling out, I would recommend splurging; buy one pair of dressy sandals and one pair of casual sandals. To start, keep the sandals you have now, and when summer ends, hit up the fall sales where the summer sandals are going out and fall boots are coming in. Then make it a tradition to buy your nice sandals at the end of summer, when they are on sale, and whip them out next summer.

There is always an exception to the rule, however, which is: if it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters. If you are just dying for that Fossil watch, then don’t listen to me and buy it! It is always worth the investment if it makes you happy.

Celine Wolff can be reached at and on her twitter page @wolff_celine.