Things you always forget to pack

Celine Wolff


Every time I pack for a trip, whether that be a trip home or Hawaii (JK, I’m a college student so that’s not happening anytime soon) I always forget something.  I used to just run in circles around my room looking for things that may come in handy. Oh look! A flip flop! I may need that on my trip! *throws flip flop into bag* I would continue to pack like this until I felt like my bag looked full enough.

It wasn’t the most efficient system, and the one time I forgot my sleeping mask, I vowed I would never forget an item for a trip ever again. Which is why I created a “Personal Packing List”. It sounds silly and I get flack for it from my friends, but that’s okay; it’s worth not forgetting my iPhone charger. For the hundredth time.


I’ve created a list of things that seem to always slip every girl’s mind.

1. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

So little and yet so necessary. Whether your hair ties are these  adorable hair ties on Etsy, or just some black elastic hair ties, they are very needed and often forgotten. And what girl could live without a few bobby pins? I want to meet the girl who can because she is probably bald.

2. Bathing Suit

I don’t care if you are going to Antarctica, you always need to bring a swimsuit. Bathing suits may not make the cut into your everyday life during the school year, but for a trip you should be prepared for anything. Instead of your typical bikini, I much prefer this one piece from ASOS because it’s daring and yet chic.

3. Dry Shampoo

Go to the closest drugstore right now and pick up a spare dry shampoo that permanently lives in your travel bag. Now you’ll never have a bad hair day while on-the-go. Just a few spritz and it will give you the confidence of a freshly cleaned hair-do. My favorite is the Batiste dry-shampoo.

4. Sunscreen

I am terrified of sun damage, absolutely terrified because 90% of wrinkles are caused by sun damage. I refuse to have wrinkles that could of been prevented. I use this Neutrogena Sunscreen everyday because it is oil-free, has a 55 SPF, and won’t make your face break out. Sunscreen is the fountain of youth!

5. Chapstick


Another tiny item that is so crucial. If you lose these like crazy, then wrap them in washi tape so that they become more memorable. This little touch will help you identify them and remember them, as opposed to a blue stick that could be anyone’s chapstick.

The best thing about a personal packing list is that it is your packing list. Suit it to your needs! These five items may not make the cut for your list, but I hope it inspires you to make your own.


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