Quiet weather for the rest of the week

Austin Harley

If you’re headed home early today, then you’re in luck! Fort Collins, and all of Colorado for that matter, are expecting mild weather through Thursday. Some cloud cover is expected along the front range, but temperatures will still be near average. Winds will calm down for the end of the week too.



Conditions very similar to Thursday’s weather will continue through the first half of the weekend. Friday and Saturday will both be prime November days. The weather should cooperate for you whether you’re headed home or attending the Rams’ last home football game! A weak system approaches Colorado on Sunday, which will cool temperatures down and kick up a breeze. Monday may see the reappearance of a few snowflakes, but it certainly won’t be anything significant.


Off to the northeast of Colorado, frigid air continues to control the Dakotas and the Great Lakes regions. Off the west coast is the system expected to arrive in Colorado on Sunday. Although the front range will stay relatively dry, the mountains could see over a foot of fresh powder by Monday evening. Our next system is not visible on this map yet; however, it may bring some significant snow to the region on Thanksgiving Day. Keep that in mind as you’re making holiday travel plans.


Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.