5 amazing hacks to navigating your new LSC

LSC CopyWriter

It’s one thing being in the revitalized LSC, but it’s a whole different ballgame actually knowing your way around and taking full advantage of what’s being offered to you. How does one get in touch with the LSC? Well, I’ve created 5 simple hacks to help you get in sync with your new and improved Student Center.Revitalization Backstage pass

R. Know what you’re going for: The new LSC is an expansive center. It’s easy to find yourself wandering around aimlessly, so devise a plan where to study, eat, or visit Student Services. Be ready.


E. Explore, explore, explore: The Lory Student Center is nothing short of dynamic. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more! Take some time to really get in touch with each level of the LSC (the levels have changed). You might find something you weren’t expecting.

A. Plan accordingly: The LSC welcomes 17,000 visitors a day, so expect traffic. There are peaks during the day where the traffic is heavier than normal, so be sure to plan ahead so you’re not stuck in the daily rush.

D. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: We are all new to the LSC, so don’t be shy. Stop by the information desk and ask for guidance, or better yet, find out about what’s happening on campus.

Y. Enjoy Yourself! The LSC is at last fully open, so take advantage of every moment you have. Some of my favorite spots are RAMTech, Sweet Sinsations, the bookstore, and Ramskeller.

I hope you find these “hacks” useful. The LSC’s unofficial official opening is coming up, get ready!