Why there’s so much construction on Campus

It seems like everywhere on campus there’s some sort of construction project. There’s currently active construction on the sidewalks being placed by the tracks, the building of Laurel Village, the Revitalization of the LSC at the heart of the campus, and many more. Although the results may be great, it can be hard to understand why so much is going on. I decided to look into why there seems to be so much construction on campus.

Revitalization Backstage pass


The number of construction projects on campus has been very evident over the last few years. CSU faced aging infrastructure and deferred building needs for many years. But CSU has been able to make progress updating campus buildings since students voted to approve a facilities fee in 2005. Students help oversee this fee and decide how the money is spent.

For example, The Lory Student Center was built in 1960, and has served as the center of the campus since that time. CSU remodeled and expanded it over the years; it wasn’t until 2011 that the $65 million dollar project, $5 million in reserves/ donations, and $60 million to be bonded and paid back in student fees was approved. The time had come for a major renovation of 160,000 square-feet of the building, as well as a 69,600 square-foot expansion.

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