Rockets launch over Israel

Bombings occurring in Israel is not something that gets easy to hear. Because I have a sister living there and have been there three times myself, I know what its like to experience the amazing country and having the fear in the back of your mind that something will happen to someone I love.  It is even worse when the country has been quiet for so long and then so many bombs are dropped, as they were in southern Israel near the Gaza strip Wednesday.

Some of the bombs were dropped when children were leaving school. These children were probably walking home with friends, talking about their plans for after school, and then suddenly heard the air sirens, knowing they only have a limited amount of time to hide. This is something no child deserves to ever experience.


For most of these families, it is something that they have experienced time and time again. They know what its like to spend hours — and even sometimes weeks — inside one of the bomb shelters. Having a constant fear that at any moment they could be awoken from their sleep, have to stop in the middle of a game or change paths when walking home from school because of the sound of an air raid is no life for anyone.

In Israel this is a life for many of the children and citizens, it is something not talked a lot about but something that these children know first hand. I personally do not know what it is like to be in a place where you are constantly scared of a bomb, but I do know what its like to  be 8,000 miles away and waiting for your loved one to call and tell you that they are OK. Living this life is not something that anyone should have to do, no matter who they are. Everyone should be able to live a life without the fear of a bomb coming after them and no one should have to live inside a bomb shelter.

Hearing this news today made me sad and thankful that no one got hurt. These attacks cannot continue, these people should not be in constant fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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