10 Best Midterm Studying Songs

Studying for midterms can be terrible, but it’s a special kind of awful when you don’t have good tunes to supplement weeks of notes and textbook readings. Here are some new songs that will keep you focused and ready to ace that exam.



1. Yosemite Theme by The Go! Team

This song is a blend of horns, plucky banjos, and schoolyard jumprope style vocals, and, in the midst of it all, creates a positive jam that is great to study to.


2. Melody Calling by The Vaccines

This surf rock tune will make you feel like you’re reading that textbook on the beaches of Santa Monica.


3. Oblivion by Grimes

The angelic, sing-song vocals, mixed with solid electronic beats will keep you focused and sweep you away to a dreampop wonderland.


4. Let Us Progress to the Castle of Funk by _ensnare_

Weirdly enough, 1980s-Nintendo-sounding chiptune music can really help keep you motivated, and you can make studying feel like an old school video game quest.


5. Don’t Save Me (Cyril Hahn Remix) by HAIM

While the original is fantastic, this remix of “Don’t Save Me” lays down a steady beat with great vocal pacing to keep your eyes on the prize.



6. It Ain’t Me, Babe by Joan Baez

The soft melody, combined with Joan’s voice, will not only help you finish your essay, but will tempt you to put on a loose dress and dance barefoot in the front yard.


7. Yamaha by Delta Spirit

This song will make you feel like spreading your arms widely on top of a cliff, but you should probably just get back to work.


8. Suffocation by Crystal Castles

Feeling suffocated by exams? Fear not! This song is a mellow ballad of synthesizers mixed with soft, airy vocals and will surely keep your tension down and your spirits up.


9. Asleep by The Smiths

Okay, so you probably don’t want to actually fall asleep, but Morrissey’s lyrics will surely make you feel relaxed.


10. Revolusion by Elliphant

Finally, when you’ve finished your studying, crank this song on full blast. Let the punky vocals, heavy bass, and delicious dubstep drop be the celebratory firework leading you toward Spring Break.


Madi Scruggs contributed her musical expertise to this Rams Rumble.