Czech Please: Eating in Prague

The view from Letna Park
The view from Letna Park in Prague, Czech Republic (Photo by Lauren Klamm)

I am a food lover. I am no chef, but I am definitely a consumer! Spicy, sweet, savory, whatever it is I’ll try it.

When I was in Prague I wanted to get a feel for the more traditional Czech foods and sample the popular items. On a budget and with a short amount of time I was able to test out Letna Park and Café Louvre.


Letna Beer Garden – Kebab

Letna Beer Garden is located inside of Letna Park which sits on top of a hill overlooking the city of Prague. This is not the most gourmet place to eat, but it has a wonderful atmosphere. It is filled with rows of picnic tables shaded by large leafy trees. The menu doesn’t offer much but the flavors do!

Turkish Kebab in Letna Park Beer Garden. (Photo by Lauren Klamm)
Turkish Kebab in Letna Park Beer Garden. (Photo by Lauren Klamm)

My travel buddy, Hannah and I hiked up to Letna Park for dinner. I ordered a Kebab from the small food stand. I also ordered a Pilsner which originated in Pilsen, Czech Republic. When I ordered a Kebab I was expecting cubes of meat cooked on a stick, but that’s not what it was! Kebab is a traditional Turkish snack which consists of shaven lamb, onion, cabbage, tomato and a light sauce inside of crunchy bread. Plus it only cost a few Czech korunas. If you ever get a chance to visit Prague in the summer be sure to check out Letna Park.

Café Louvre- Breakfast and Coffee

Cappuccino from Cafe Louvre served with cold water. (Photo by Lauren Klamm)

Café Louvre is named after the world renowned art gallery and was founded in 1902. It has been visited by many famous individuals including Albert Einstein. Hannah and I stopped in to enjoy some breakfast. I ordered the traditional Czech breakfast which was much different than an American breakfast of eggs and bacon. My meal included orange juice, salty sliced prague ham, edam cheese, butter, a boiled egg, and a cold dense apple cake. While it was not my favorite meal it was interesting to experience a traditional European breakfast for 109 CZK/ 10.06 USD.

My favorite part of this restaurant was the coffee and the atmosphere. Café Louvre is bright and sunny, but the coffee is strong and dark. I’m not usually a fan of dark coffee but the flavors were so intense I had to love it.

What are your favorite restaurants in Prague? Let me know on twitter @L_Klamm