Final Exams. Final Post.

DOG DAYZWe made everyone. We made it to finals week.

And for some of us, myself include it, we made it to graduation. Weird thought, huh? If you’re not going to grad school then you may be done with school forever. Foreva eva. For me this means a move across the country and no more blogging for the Collegian.


I know.

Things are getting real and they are getting real fast. No more blogging for the Collegian? What am I supposed to do with my time? Oh, that’s right, just move the blog to a new platform.

Yep. I am going Rogue.













Not that Rogue. I am just moving my blog to a different corner of the internet. So don’t you worry, What the Buzz? will continue on.

Right here. 

Maybe someday I will be able to afford my own domain name, but until then it will just be on tumblr like every other blog ever.
But this post isn’t all about goodbyes. No. It is about dancing. Dancing? Yes, dancing. I made a mixtape (of course) for the end of the term and I want everyone to dance it out with me, one last time.
Are you ready? Here you go. 
Goodbye Collegian. Goodbye CSU.
I’m out.
  1. Default Django Django
  2. Safety Dance  Men Without Hats
  3. Barely Legal  The Strokes
  4. Ring Me Up Divinyls
  5. Bloodshake Peace
  6. Song 2 Blur
  7. Everlasting Light The Black Keys
  8. Hustling (Life on the Nickel) Foster the People
  9. Heart It Races Architecture In Helsinki
  10. Free Energy Free Energy
  11. Dissolve Me  Alt-J
  12. Drunk Girls LCD Soundsystem
  13. Starz In Their Eyes  Just Jack
  14. Always On My Mind (London Version) Phantom Planet
  15. Balaclava Arctic Monkeys
  16. Bambi  Tokyo Police Club
  17. Recover CHVRCHES
  18. What Katie Did Libertines
  19. Temptation New Order
  20. Pump It Up Elvis Costello
  21. Dog Days Are Over Florence + The Machine