Why America Loves Gangnam Style

South Korean rap artist Psy and his imaginary horse rode into America over the summer and it’s been nonstop chaos. The catchy tune and unabashed satirical nature of “Gangnam Style” has captured the country’s heart.

But why?


Here are some reasons why the country is kissing the K-rap artist’s feet and mimicking his moves.

Geeks rule the world

Like the hit “I Fight Dragons” song predicted, America’s entertainment interests are controlled by the kids who were taunted for wearing Naruto headbands. These are the same underdogs that still freely admit to collecting Pokemon in their spare time.

Bros didn’t create Youtube. Computer-obsessed nerds who worked out of a small apartment made it possible for other geeks to make a living expressing their passions.

The site I found the infamous Korean video from was in the Cheezburger network, which is a hub for creatives, trolls and science-loving GIF-makers. It is is the 317th most-visited website on the internet. Take that “popular” kids, who are now the ones coming to the site.

So when the geeks of the world saw an Asian pop video with a funny dance move, Gangnam Style exploded. Had the cool kids at the school been in charge, Psy would have been shoved off because he’s too “weird”.

We can dance to it

Nerdy American DNA seems to have omitted the “funk” gene, so we like to take it easy on the moves. If we go past a one to two step beat it can get frustrating. Thankfully, Psy gave us something to do beside clap our hands and try to Dougie.

Ellen welcomed the the snazzy dresser to onto her show so that he could teach Britney Spears to exert as little energy as possible.

See? No diagram needed.

Hope for good foreign relations karma

American’s don’t have the best foreign relations track record (WWII, Bush Sr.Bush Jr., Disney France, etc). We aren’t the most sensitive to cultural customs, but gosh darn it  we love Psy. He’s been on the MTV Video Music Awards, the Today Show, and has a deal with Schoolboy Records.


Our well-meaning journalists and talk show hosts seem to forget that Psy speaks English, because they talk to him like he’s taking a crash course. He gets his revenge though when the audience butchers the lyrics in Korean.

Psy Deserves It

America appreciates hard work, and Psy has certainly earned his fame. The 34-year-old was educated at the Berkely School of Music and has had to compete against younger K-Pop artists in the industry like 2PM and Rain, who were plucked at a young age and trained by professionals.

He wan’t even the most liked  when he first started, being named the “Bizarre Singer” and having his CD’s banned for supposed inappropriate lyrics. Gangnam Style is actually on his sixth album. That’s right he has six albums and is just now getting international play.

The man knows he does not fit the mold and has used that to his advantage. He’s admitted that he isn’t in the same shape as his thin backup dancers and he is totally fine with it.

He’s running the media circuit like a champ and will ride this fame out as long as America keeps its attention span.