ASCSU campaign: Kyle Hill

Ceci Taylor

Graphic illustration of the ASCSU senate chambers at Colorado State University. Text states "ASCSU Coverage"
(Graphic Illustration by Christine Moore-Bonbright | The Collegian)

Kyle Hill, a second-year biomedical science major, said he wants to focus on unity as he runs for the Associated Students of Colorado State University’s speaker of the senate position. 

Hill, who is currently serving his second year as a senator for ASCSU, said he is qualified for the position because of his experience with ASCSU.


“With the experience that I’ve had writing bills and legislation for the student body, I feel like … I can facilitate the (senate) process going forward with that,” Hill said. 

Hill said unity is the most important aspect of his campaign. 

“This year has been very divided,” Hill said. “It has divided us into a pandemic and left us scared of going outside. Also, (there’s been) a tumultuous election that’s been very controversial or has left everybody suspicious of one another. We’ve become too divided as Rams, and we need to unify and bring back the quality of education we had before.”

Part of his unity campaign, Hill said, is to bring senate meetings back in person. Hill said it’s been difficult for senators to get to know each other virtually. 

“I want to go back to the sense of normalcy,” Hill said. “I also think it’s important to build a stronger connection with the executive branch.” 

Hill said he hopes for better collaboration with the executive branch and said he plans to require senators to get support from members of the executive branch when writing bills. Hill also said he wants to work on getting senators paid for the work they do.

“I also want to make sure that student fees are allocated appropriately,” Hill said. “And that they can go to appropriately well-represented groups.”

I hear everybody’s concerns. There’s been some lack of communication within the administration, and my job as speaker is to link that communication together.” -Kyle Hill, speaker of the senate candidate

Hill said the biggest thing the ASCSU speaker of the senate can do is help allocate student fees, which is why it’s important students vote for the position.

“The senate, in itself, holds $100,000 of student fees within our pockets per year,” Hill said. “And the speaker of the senate manages the senate and makes sure that things are well organized and allocated correctly.” 

As a student leader, Hill said it’s just as important for the speaker as it is for the president to take responsibility and reach out to every group of students on campus.


“The job is making sure that students are well represented and making sure groups on campus, whether whatever color or marginalized identity or underrepresented groups that are out here are all having a voice,” Hill said. “The speaker also attends weekly meetings with (CSU) President (Joyce) McConnell and makes sure students are heard.”

Another important part of the job, Hill said, is that the speaker is also a member of the Student Fee Review Board, which helps allocate $64 million per year. 

Hill said he hopes everyone will try to vote and hold this year’s administration accountable. 

“I’ve heard of students who are having trouble with residence halls and people were having trouble feeling safe on this campus,” Hill said. “I hear everybody’s concerns. There’s been some lack of communication within the administration, and my job as speaker is to link that communication together.”

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