9 students test positive for COVID-19 in Braiden, Summit Hall

Serena Bettis

Six students in Braiden Hall and three students in Summit Hall tested positive for COVID-19 after Colorado State University placed them under a mandatory quarantine Sept. 24.

In an email sent to residents of Braiden and Summit Sept. 29, the Pandemic Preparedness Team said all students who tested positive were moved into isolation and levels of COVID-19 in the wastewater have dropped. 


“We want to thank you who followed our request to quarantine and test this weekend,” the email said. “Your commitment to your fellow Rams is appreciated and important to the health of our entire community. We know that being under quarantine can be difficult and stressful.”

For residents who left their hall during the mandatory quarantine, the University is requiring follow-up tests within 24 hours of a resident’s return to campus.  

Students who have been in close contact with someone who tested positive or who tested positive themself must remain in isolation or quarantine, the email said. These students were contacted by public health officials at CSU. 

“The best way to avoid becoming infected and to minimize the number of mandatory tests and the chances of another buildingwide quarantine is to diligently follow the public health guidelines,” the email said.

All other residents who tested negative are no longer in quarantine and may resume attending class, the email said. 

The Pandemic Preparedness Team also wrote that the COVID-19 numbers “are dynamic and will change.” 

As of Sept. 23, CSU had conducted over 15,760 COVID-19 tests, according to the COVID-19 Recovery website testing summary, and has had 343 cumulative COVID-19 cases since June, updated as of Sept. 28 on the COVID-19 Recovery dashboard. This creates a percentage rate of positive COVID-19 tests of 2.18%.

However, the number of positive COVID-19 cases reported on the dashboard reflects positive cases found from tests conducted by CSU and cases reported to the University by Larimer County and from private physician tests. The University is unable to determine how many total tests have been conducted on students, faculty and staff outside of CSU, so the total percentage rate of positive COVID-19 tests is likely lower than 2.18%. 

According to Public Safety and Risk Communications Manager Dell Rae Ciaravola, 164 of the positive COVID-19 cases at the University have come from University testing, which, as of Sept. 30, has totaled 18,700 conducted tests. This puts the percentage rate of positive COVID-19 tests completed by the University at 0.88%.

The Collegian does not have the number of students tested in Braiden and Summit but will update this story as more information becomes available. 


Editor’s Note: This article was updated Sept. 30 to reflect more accurate information regarding the percentage of positive COVID-19 cases on campus. A previous version of this article did not fully explain the percentages. 

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