ASCSU passes three resolutions, one bill, many COVID-19 related

Charlotte Lang

The Associated Students of Colorado State University passed all presented pieces of legislation during their Wednesday evening virtual meeting.

This legislation included a resolution supporting the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation contract, as well as three other pieces of legislation presented last week.


The resolution in favor of the RMSMC contract, presented by Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Simon, aimed to measure senate support for the proposed bill.

Simon said the point of the resolution was for the executive branch of ASCSU to receive an understanding of what the senate believes should happen, as the decision is ultimately up to the executive branch. Voting yes for the resolution would serve as a sign of support for the RMSMC budget increase.

“We have not been upping their budget the last several years, and this tracks, at least, for pay raises and whatnot,” Senator Casey Vander Eyk said. “It tracks with inflation at about 2% a year because it’s about a 7% increase. I think the logic behind this is sound, and we do renegotiate the contract, so if we wanted to make changes and cut, we can cut.”

The resolution passed with a 25-2-3 vote.

The senate also passed a resolution in favor of monetary compensation from CSU in light of COVID-19.

This is requested by the students. Students are screaming for this to be done by the University.”-Senator Kyle Hill

This resolution, written and presented by Senator Kyle Hill, seeks to ask the University for a refund for students. This resolution follows various petitions that have asked for the same thing.

“This is needed to the utmost highest level,” Hill said. “This is requested by the students. Students are screaming for this to be done by the University. Students are upset.”

Hill said it is the senate’s job to lift students’ demands and wants to the University. 

“I feel that, by doing this, the trust with ASCSU and the trust with the student body and the University will be lifted during this time of crisis,” Hill said. “I think this is something we can give students for hope and looking forward to this.”

With this resolution, the senate will be formally suggesting to CSU’s Board of Governors, as well as President Joyce McConnell, to compensate for the monetary demands of students.


The resolution passed with a 15-8-6 vote.

The following pieces of legislation passed unanimously.

Resolution 4913 aimed to encourage the administration of CSU to use its connections and power to put pressure on the United States Congress to modify the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act to include stimulus checks for people between 17 and 24 years of age, despite being claimed as dependents.

Bill 4930, written and presented by Senator Marlis Hazleton, requested $3,000 from the senate to help restock pocket pantries, as well as create a third pantry in Aggie Village.

“This is the time to really help our students,” said Senator Alex Benitez. “Yes, I know that getting a refund is great and everything, but I feel like this is the best way to do it. Especially here, in our senator positions, this is the biggest way that we can do this.”

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