ASCSU votes for External Affairs chair, talks business showcase

Charlotte Lang

During their weekly meeting, the Associated Students of Colorado State University voted for a new chair of External Affairs.

The senate also discussed a bill funding the 2020 Spring Business Showcase.


ASCSU President Ben Amundson also presented an executive report that explained the executive branch’s recent work and upcoming projects.

“I think this past month or so has maybe been some of the biggest and one of the most accomplished times of our administration,” Amundson said. 

One of the upcoming projects ASCSU is working on is a program that will give free rides to the airport for international students traveling during spring break. Another project will be with the Department of University Affairs and will focus on giving out safety reflective keychains, meant to stop traffic accidents, to every member of the incoming class.

Amundson also spoke about recent projects, such as Rams on the Ice.

“I thought it was so much fun if you were out there to see people smiling and having a good time,” Amundson said. 

Voting for new External Affairs chair

Senator Sara Dudek and Senator Brooke Giffin nominated themselves for the role of External Affairs chair. 

I want to make it a community and make it fun to attend and really start working on some initiatives that people are interested in and want to work on.”

Chair of External Affairs, Brooke Giffin

Giffin won with a vote of 24-5-1.

“I’d really like to make the committee something that’s kind of rewarding and incentivizes people to come,” Giffin said. “I want to make it a community and make it fun to attend and really start working on some initiatives that people are interested in and want to work on.”

Senator Grant Erffmeyer and Lauren Gross of the Institute for Entrepreneurship address the senate and propose a bill during the Associated Students of Colorado State University meeting on March 4, 2020. (Ian Fuster | The Collegian)

Giffin was previously serving as vice chair to the External Affairs Committee prior to the vote.

Giffin said she has a passion for serving on the External Affairs Committee because she’s grown up in Fort Collins and has worked on engaging with the community numerous times in the past.


Another factor that encouraged senators to endorse and vote for Giffin was the fact that she has many connections to government and community members, such as being a congressional intern to Congressman Joe Neguse.

“I can speak to the fact that Senator Giffin has amazing relationships with Fort Collins and the community outside CSU and, I think, would do a fantastic job of bringing that in and incorporating CSU into the wider community,” Senator Ehret Nottingham said. 

Bill 4927: Funding for Campus-Wide Entrepreneurs

Senator Lauren Gross and Senator Grant Erffmeyer presented a bill requesting $6,000 for the Venture RAMS Business Showcase, hosted by the CSU Institute of Entrepreneurship.

Erffmeyer said this event allows student entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their work and ideas. 

“Student entrepreneurs are the hardest working people,” Erffmeyer said. “The value they bring to our campus and to our community is unmatched, and we should really value them and give them this platform.”

The funding would go to food, venue staging, event marketing, featured speakers and judge and keynote speakers, according to the bill. This allows the Institute of Entrepreneurship to match the amount of $6,000 to go to general event supplies, event support and prize money for students.

“Last year, four of the five placing teams are still going forward with their business,” Gross said. “So that’s really exciting. This really does make a difference in the ability for our student entrepreneurs to continue growing their business.”

The bill was sent to the Budgetary Affairs Committee.

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