ASCSU discusses funding requests from RMSMC and more

Charlotte Lang

Editor’s note: Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation is the parent company of The Collegian. All people quoted in the section are employees of the company.

The Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation met with the Associated Students of Colorado State University senate on Wednesday night to discuss their role in the community and on campus.


Members of Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation present to the Associated Students of Colorado State University on March 11. In addition to hearing from RMSMC, the senate ratified new members, elected a new chair to the Internal Affairs Committee and discussed new bills. (Ryan Schmidt | The Collegian)

Various members of RMSMC presented the importance of the organization and answered questions about the group and upcoming contract negotiations. The presentation was made so that ASCSU President Ben Amundson can later hear the opinion of the senate regarding decisions about the contract.

The senate also heard from the Real Estate Club, which asked for $2,345 to fund food and quarter-zip pullovers.

The business showcase bill was also passed with a 35-2-0 vote.

Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation presentation

RMSMC’s presentation to the senate spoke of the significance of the organization to the University and the requested funding of $36,078 in the contract. 

“Every few years, the whole contract expires, and we get to re-sign the entire thing,” Amundson said about the contract later in the meeting. “So the whole enchilada is up this year.”

The group presenting from RMSMC included representatives from KCSU, The Collegian and CTV. 

You do not get a sense for how much control the students have unless you live and breathe it down there.” -Peter Waack, president and CEO of RMSMC

Other departments under RMSMC include College Avenue, advertising, marketing, creative services and others.

One of the primary highlights made about the corporation was the opportunities it offers to students as a place to learn about and experience environments similar to ones they may be working at in their futures.

“This is one of the greatest experiences and most terrifying experiences that they’re ever going to have,” said Peter Waack, president and CEO of RMSMC. “You do not get a sense for how much control the students have unless you live and breathe it down there.”

RMSMC also proposed benefits to ASCSU, including access to the photo and video department. It would also allow ASCSU senate sessions to be broadcast online.


During questions after the presentation, Senator Elezabeth Alem expressed concerns about reporting in The Collegian and claims of recent work being seen as lazy reporting. Alem also asked about other claims of The Collegian’s lack of haste for racial bias incidents on campus.

“We do realize that it is a shortcoming of ours at times, and I think that was a big awakening for us last semester,” said Editor-in-Chief Forrest Czarnecki. 

Managing Editor Austin Fleskes also spoke about diversity training and a focus on awareness in the current hiring process.

The senate will give their opinion on the contract to Amundson in a later meeting this semester.

“We love student journalism, and we love student media,” Amundson said during his executive report. “They’re a great cause. At the end of the day, I look at them and I don’t say they’re an evil fake news media. I think they’re genuinely good people.”

Funding for Real Estate Club, 2020 spring showcase

Matthew Gasser, president of the University’s Real Estate Club, presented a bill asking for the senate to fund the club’s food and quarter-zip pullovers.

Gasser said the club is important because it allows students the chance to network with employers and other significant contacts in the real estate industry.

Gasser said the club can’t go through the Board for Student Organization Funding because BSOF can’t fund food or capital expenditures, both of which the club is asking for.

The bill was sent to the Budgetary Affairs Committee.

Another bill focused on funding the Venture RAMS Business Showcase passed with a 35-2-0 vote.

“This bill represents more of what we’re doing here at ASCSU,” said Senator Alex Benitez. “I fully endorse this bill.”

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