Freddy’s opens after weekend-long training, delay

Matthew Bailey

There’s no need to be alarmed if you notice an influx in the amount of people at the Lory Student Center food court all of a sudden. 

Anticipated since the fall semester, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers officially starts serving students today after experiencing an opening delay


In preparation for the opening, employees underwent a weekend-long training session that one employee said went very smoothly. 

“I heard it was a rocky start,” said Paul Vaughn Parsons, a Freddy’s employee who works both front and back of house. “I know we were supposed to open up earlier than this, … but when I got here, everything was going very smoothly. We had all of our equipment, and we were just excited to get people trained.”

Following a quick debrief Thursday, Vaughn Parsons, who primarily taught trainees how to cook and season fries, chicken tenders and onion rings, said trainees took the weekend to learn what to do at their respective stations, how to prepare food and how to get used to the new store. 

Trainees also viewed training videos that covered the basics of Freddy’s as well as its three pillars: hospitality, cleanliness and quality. 

The training was split between two groups of 14 trainees that, in turn, were each split in half between front and back of house. 

Everyone has just been very stellar and learning fast. That’s something I have no cards for that everyone is quick to learn; they pick up what we’re doing.” -Paul Vaughn Parsons, employee and trainer, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

“Within that crew, everyone has just been very stellar and learning fast,” Vaughn Parsons said. “That’s something I have no cards for that everyone is quick to learn; they pick up what we’re doing.”

Vaughn Parsons said he feels today’s opening will go very well, especially given the fact that trainees only had three days to prepare. 

“That’s not a lot of time to pick up on anything,” Vaughn Parsons said. “Just from that brief amount, though, I feel like we will surprise people on how well the store will run.”

Overall, Vaughn Parsons expressed excitement over Freddy’s opening.

“It’s exciting due to the fact that … we get to see this huge influx of people come by and try Freddy’s — maybe for the first time — in this dining room and in this new area,” Vaughn Parsons said. “I think that’s very exciting, and I think it’s going to be really, really good.”


In recommending specific food items, Vaughn Parsons said students should order a double California steakburger without cheese and seasoning and with extra sauce, his go-to burger.

“Tell them Paul sent you,” Vaughn Parsons said. 

Matt Bailey can be reached at or on Twitter @MattBailey760.