TPUSA CSU social media director announces resignation

Noah Pasley

The Colorado State University chapter of Turning Point USA’s director of social media announced he would be stepping down via Twitter, citing issues such as “his faith and constitutionalist stances.”

In Andre Bass’ letter of departure, Bass wrote his views are “treated with disdain from leadership” because he has the wrong opinions on the big issues. Bass also wrote, “Restrictions on speech don’t bring us together, they divide us.” 


The departure follows a Turning Point USA event at the University Center for the Arts on Oct. 22. The event, titled “Culture War,” featured TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk and Donald Trump Jr.

Bass wrote that Kirk was asked a “reasonable question” about “how he/Republicans can be ‘America first’ and justify mass legal immigration,” but Kirk suppressed the question.

“He’ll debate anyone from the left, the alleged ‘opposition,’ but silence questions from his side,” Bass wrote. 

TPUSA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with the mission of training and educating students to “promote the principles of freedom, free markets and limited government,” according to their website

The Colorado State TPUSA chapter began in August 2017 because other conservative clubs could not reach the students and “represent the conservative/libertarian voices,” according to Bass’ statement. 

Bass also wrote that he wishes the chapter the best, as the “majority of the TPUSA CSU members are committed and bright individuals,” with the hope that “the organization will recognize how they left their original principles.” 

“Until then, I cannot stay with an organization that openly calls out my values,” Bass said.

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