A timeline of perseverance: Eva Schloss

Serena Bettis

The Holocaust ended 74 years ago, but for many, its horror remains fresh in their memories.


Survivor Eva Schloss shared her story of these horrors as a young Austrian Jewish girl during World War II with the Colorado State University community on Nov. 18 as part of Holocaust Awareness Week. 

Along with discussing her life during the Holocaust, which is detailed in the above timeline, Schloss shared some of her own ideas with the crowd.

“If we have a different color, or if we have a different religion, it does not matter,” Schloss said. “We are all wonderful human beings. Even animals don’t kill each other just for the sake of killing. We must live in harmony together, value each other’s different color, different religion.”

Schloss recounted a conversation she had with her father, Erich Geiringer, and her older brother, Heinz, when she was 9 years old about what would happen to them if and when they die. Schloss’ father told his children their legacy would live on with their own families someday.

We must live in harmony together, value each other’s different color, different religion.” -Eva Schloss, Holocaust survivor

“Then this 12-year-old (Heinz) said, ‘But what if I die before I have children?’” Schloss added. “And my father thought for a little bit, and then he said, ‘Well, even if you have a short life, somebody will remember what you have done. We are all a link in a chain; we go from generation to generation, and nothing is lost. You will be remembered.’”

Schloss’ speech was sponsored by community members Sam and Karen Shelanski, Doug and Cindy Max in memory of Rachael Max, Les and Lee Kaplan, Spencer Kirson and the M.B. Glassman Foundation. CSU sponsors included the Associated Students of CSU, Chabad Jewish Student Organization, Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi sorority, the Office of International Programs, the Residence Hall Association and the Lory Student Center. 

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