Dorms have 7 in overflow housing, fraction of last fall

Laura Studley

Overflow housing is going to be used for only a short time this fall. 

In 2018, 100 students were assigned to overflow housing due to the 2022 class being the largest Colorado State University had ever seen. 


This year, 6,400 students moved into the residence halls during move-in, said Tonie Miyamoto, director of communications and sustainability. Only seven students were assigned to overflow housing. 

“As we process last-minute cancellations and no-shows, we anticipate that these students will be assigned permanent spaces very soon,” Miyamoto said. 

CSU is working on a new housing project that will stand in place of Aylesworth. This new development, Meridian Village, is still early in the planning process.

“The Board of Governors approved the [Meridian Village] program plan on August 9,” Miyamoto said. “We still don’t have details like number of beds, construction schedule, costs, etc. as the program plan is still in development, and it will go back to BOG in October for financing approval.” 

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