CSU alumnus contributes to green energy with solar company Renewablue

Corbin Reiter

Colorado State University alumnus James Mitchell began his quest to add solar energy into Northern Colorado by founding Renewablue, a solar consultation company that helps residents in Fort Collins find the best renewable energy option for them.

Renewablue acts as a middle man between solar installers and consumers in Fort Collins looking to add more green technology to their home. Solar providers do a lot of marketing, but Renewablue can save them a lot of time by connecting interested buyers to the best solar installation company for their needs, Mitchell said.


“He is connecting people that don’t even know they are in the market with companies like ours that offer these services”  said Matt Scherer, director of solar at REenergizeCO.

One of the value points that Renewablue is trying to bring to the solar industry in client connections, Mitchell said. Solar companies are really great at installations, but they have to do their own sales.

Renewablue works closely with clients to match their goals for renewable energy with the best solar installation company in the area, Mitchell said. Most clients of Renewablue are already interested in investing in renewable energy but they need help finding a company that can best help them achieve their goals, and so Renewablue works to find a match.

“Companies send us the proposal and we present it so we are saving the solar installer hours and hours of time in investment by finding the customer first,” Mitchell said.

Renewablue recently won the Innovate Fort Collins challenge for their innovative initiative Taco ‘Bout Solar. This is an informational program for homeowners and realtors to introduce them to solar energy and how it can be incorporated into homes.

“Taco ‘Bout Solar first and foremost appeals to anyone that wants to eat tacos and we will talk about solar after that,” Mitchell said.

Scherer explained the types of people that Mitchell comes into contact with while working with Renewablue. 

“James crosses paths with a lot of people that are not necessarily thinking about solar efficiency when he works with them,” Scherer said.

Beyond Taco ‘Bout Solar, Renewablue does consultations with their potential customers, during which a representative will visit the home of the client to discuss any questions or concerns.

Renewablue focuses on three aspects of energy efficiency: solar installation, energy efficient updates to houses and the financing of any changes.


“James is a believer in the greater good and he has been an advocate for the green movement and he adds a lot of value,” Scherer said.

Renewablue has plans for expansion in the future. They plan to partner with a solar energy co-op that is coming to Fort Collins in order to be able to expand their services.

“Right now the services that are offered are solely for individual homeowners, but with a partnership, there is the potential to build co-op purchasing power into a neighborhood,” Mitchell said.

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