ASCSU Campaign: Samuel Braun and Madison Taylor

Julia Trowbridge

From focusing on campus engagement and running the judicial branch of the Associated Students of Colorado State University, Samuel Braun and Madison Taylor hope to be ASCSU’s next president and vice president. 

“Even though we’re quite opposite, perhaps in method and personality, we mesh together, not clash,” Taylor said. “And, that’s not only why we’re running together, but we’re best friends.”


Samuel Braun, presidential candidate

man stands for a portrait
ASCSU President candidate Samuel Braun poses for a portrait on April 2, 2019. (Matt Tackett | Collegian)

Braun is a junior double major studying political science and history and the current director of campus engagement for ASCSU.

Braun said his position in ASCSU has been a success, citing increased participation in tailgating and City Council’s consideration of reforming the U+2 housing ordinance.

Braun said he is running for ASCSU president because he wants to continue the positive efforts made by the current administration, like promoting diversity and inclusion.

“I decided to run because I really saw things that I want to change, and this administration can’t change everything in one year. It’s just not possible,” Braun said. “So, I saw what could be done better and what needs to still be done, and I said, ‘I’m pretty well-qualified to go in and do this, and I don’t want anyone here who doesn’t want to continue these goals, or doesn’t want to perfect (ASCSU), so I guess I should run, see what happens, and if I win, I would be able to do that.’”

Madison Taylor, vice presidential candidate

woman stands for a portrait
ASCSU Vice President candidate Madison Taylor poses for a portrait on April 2, 2019. (Matt Tackett | Collegian)

Taylor, a junior triple major studying economics, political science and journalism and media communications, currently serves as the chief justice of ASCSU.

Taylor said her background in the judicial branch of ASCSU aides in some of the goals for the Braun-Taylor campaign, such as student conduct and student fee reform. Beyond that, Taylor said she’s running because of her fierce dedication to serving people.

“You shouldn’t necessarily be experienced in ASCSU to run for office, but you should have experience following plans through,” Taylor said. “You should have experience working with others and working towards a common goal and we both have that. … We have good working relations with every office we’d need to actually accomplish our goals and to keep that good cordial relationship open and also continue to fight for what students want.”

Their platform


The Braun-Taylor platform focuses on reforming U+2 with City Council to either rightsizing or Me+3, student conduct reform to allow a restorative option for first-time non-violent offenses and improving tailgating.

The restorative option would allow students to not reveal a first-time offense, like being caught with alcohol in the dorms, in applications to medical school or law school, which normally require disclosing interactions with conduct reform. Their platform also focuses on tailgating because they want CSU to start “acting like” a D1 school. Braun said he hopes to increase the student turnout at tailgating events from last year’s record of 3,000.

“I think it’s important that students come out of the dorms … and do things and meet other people that they might not meet in a setting like that,” Braun said. 

Beyond that, Braun and Taylor want to reform the internal culture of ASCSU to feel more welcoming to every identity and have proposed a student-wide vote on changes in student fees due to hefty increases in fees this past year.

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