City Council to consider e-bike program next meeting

Julia Trowbridge

Fort Collins City Council is looking to electric alternative transportation options with recent regulations for e-scooters and now possibly e-bikes, according to a press release.

At the March 19 City Council meeting, the council will discuss ordinances pertaining to a year-long e-bike pilot program, which would allow e-bikes to travel on the paved trails in town. This has come up due to the rising popularity of electric bikes, as well as a new state law that allows e-bikes on paved trails unless local jurisdiction doesn’t allow it.


Current local laws prohibit the use of the motor of an e-bike when on City trails, with an exception made to mobility devices.

So far, the City’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, Transportation Board and six other City boards have passed recommendations in support of a pilot program.

Proposed structure of the pilot program, according to the Fort Collins City Council:

-One-year trial period

-Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes only (electric assist provided up to 20 mph)

-All paved trails (no unpaved trails)

-Extensive education and evaluation

The proposed framework created by City staff of pilot program consists of a one-year trial period that allows class one and two e-bikes, which only go up to 20 miles per hour, on all paved trails. The program would also consist of extensive education and evaluation to determine if the ordinance should continue after the one-year period.

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