You@CSU provides academic, mental health management for students

Delaney Allen

For students seeking guidance or looking for a distraction from schoolwork, Colorado State University’s online portal You@CSU features a multitude of exciting and useful tips, tricks and resources that students can use.

Launched in Spring 2016, You@CSU is a customized portal available through RamWeb and free for student use, that students can access using their RamWeb information. It is designed by the Health Center to connect students to online tools and professional resources on campus if needed.  Students can also set academic and social goals and take personality quizzes through the program.


Viviane Ephraimson-Abt is the manager of resiliency and well-being initiative at the Colorado State University Health Center. She runs programs such as Mindfully Managing Stress to help students adjust to and succeed through their career at CSU.  

Ephraimson-Abt said through the portal, students can learn about three growth areas.

“The three pillars of You@CSU are Thrive, Succeed, and Matter,” Ephraimson-Abt said. “You need to have positive emotions, be engaged in your activities, and have relationships that are important and satisfying to you, and this portal is a good way to access things that will help you improve in those areas.”

The Thrive section of You@CSU is concerned with physical and mental well-being, while Succeed is more focused on student success in and out of the classroom and Matter is centered around student’s purpose in their community and forming and maintaining social bonds with others.

According to the Health Center’s website, new features come to You@CSU as health professionals see fit. CSU is partnered with Grit Digital Health, a company owned by Cactus Communications and created by CSU alum Joe Conrad, to counsel students and assist them through their academic career.

“(You@CSU) provides a safe environment for students to plug in and look around.” University President Tony Frank said in a video produced by Grit Digital Health. “It’s started to look at wellness, not just physical wellness and mental wellness, but how is your academic wellness? How are you thriving as an individual?”

This week the You@CSU website features a section called “When Grief Comes Knocking.” The blurb contains pointers and validates students who may be having issues coping with grief, which could be useful as the holidays approach and students return home.

Additionally, You@CSU offers more resources, such as clubs and social organizations. Students can look at schedules of public events, take “reality checks” to assess their current success and track personalized degree and career paths.

You@CSU is one of the many portals that are tailored towards student success at CSU, Ephraimson-Abt said. The University acknowledges that everyone has different needs, but they hope that students will take advantage of all programs and resources available to you in order to improve and become the person you are meant to be.

“We do try to create a lot of ways that students can step into improving their lives, well-being, and resilience,” Ephraimson-Abt said. “We have a lot on campus, not just You@CSU. These resources are available on campus and beyond.”


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