CSU Health Network looks out for student mental health

Delaney Allen

Chances are you will visit the Health Center at some point during your career at Colorado State University but the center offers more than just flu shots and check-ups.

Often, students are unaware of the resources they have available to them when it comes to mental health, and the Health Center, located at 151 W. Lake St., offers a wide variety of these resources. They have a wide range of mental health services, such as special resilience workshops.


Kate Hagdorn, the associate director of communications for the CSU Health Network, said that the purpose of the CSU Health Network is to support student success through the different resources available for every CSU student. 

“We offer therapy groups and psychoeducational or skill-building workshops,” Hagdorn said. Students can register and participate in a variety of different topics depending on what their goals are.”

Hagdorn added that beyond the Health Center, students can find resources on campus and on their website.

“I think that it’s important for students to remember that there are resources across campus, not just within the CSU Health Network, that can support their well being,” Hagdorn said. “Student well being is a university priority. It doesn’t just live at the Health Center.”

In order to promote student success and well-being, the Health Center works with other institutions across campus to bring students everything that they need.

“We also partner with TILT, and you can find some great resources at the Career Center,” said Viviane Ephraimson-Abt, manager of resiliency and well-being. “There are other places for you. We do hope that when students have a need, they find some other resources that they have available to them, but we also hope students are thinking proactively about their mental health.”

The Health Center is trying to increase their presence in the community by hosting events on campus and teaching small classes about how to improve student resiliency, such as the recent Health Fair, held for the second time in late October. They also educate about different methods of self-care, which is vital to staying afloat during a particularly stressful week.

It is important to acknowledge the many different services that the CSU campus offers, whether you need a quick nap in the first-floor nap pod or you need to reserve a counseling appointment.

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