Todos Santos center discussed during Board of Governors

Meagan Stackpool

The CSU Todos Santos Center in the Baja Peninsula, Mexico was discussed during the Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, May 2. Discussions including trips by administrators to Todos Santos, as well as the consideration of a student fee to make the center a small study abroad program. 

Two years ago, the center came under fire when the housing company MIRA developed beach-front property, and donated some of the land to CSU. Tensions rose when fishermen protested the development of hotels along the shore, leading to several injuries and forceful removals by the police. The development was highly controversial after accusations of hurting local fisheries and water access. 


At the Board of Governors meeting, Vice Chair of the Board of Governors Nancy Tuor addressed the controversy surrounding the development of Todos Santos and the surrounding area

“We watched the fishermen go out every morning,” Tuor said, talking about a trip she took to Todos Santos. “We certainly didn’t see that there was any interference with the natural fishing activity. That part of the beach has been reserved. Same thing with the water there … (the existing plant) can expand so they are not losing existing water sources.”

The Todos Santos educational center is available to all students within the CSU system. CSU Pueblo President Timothy Mottet described the future of Todos Santos and CSU Pueblo. 

Mottet explained CSU Pueblo wants to potentially create a sophomore experience to the site, with three different trips throughout the year.

Students would take up to 6 credit hours in an intensive format to speed up the degree completion process, as well as immerse them in the Spanish language.

Mottet expressed his hope that the CSU Pueblo student government set a student fee to help fund trips to Todos Santos in order to make the trip available to all students as a part of a journey-grant program. 

Associated Students of CSU outgoing Vice President Cole Wise commented on CSU Fort Collins’ plans regarding a possible student fee for Todos Santos.

“(A student fee) has not been in the discussions that we have had,” Cole said. “That’s not something that we have looked at before.”

The Todos Santos Center “provides the university with a unique, timely opportunity to create international experiences for our students and engage in meaningful education in Mexico,” as stated on it’s webpage

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