Student Leadership Awards present 16 awards to RSOs

Audrey Weiss

For the 15th annual Student Leadership Awards at Colorado State University, the Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement office recognized 10 Registered Student Organizations and six Sport Clubs awards.

SLiCE members presented each award and recipient.


Indian Student Association’s “Indian Culture Night” won Outstanding Social Program of the year. Rachel Probst, SLiCE student staff member said “The RSO learned to be creative with their small budget, collaborate with the university departments and RSOs and create a social enjoyable atmosphere for the CSU and Fort Collins communities to come together, learn together and meet one another.”

Outstanding Educational Program of the Year was awarded to the Society of Women Engineers for their “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.” 

“This educational program is not only academic in nature but also promotes leadership experiences and community outreach opportunities,” Jadey Blasi, SLiCE student staff member, said.

“Zero Waste Games” hosted by the Zero Waste Team was awarded Outstanding New Program of the Year award. Sandra Asante, SLiCE student staff member, said, “The Zero waste team at CSU was actively present at each of the six home football and games and two CSU basketball games this year. At each event, the RSO engaged patrons to recycle and compost your waste as often as possible. They were able to divert 45,411 pounds of waste from the landfill.”

The Council of International Student Affairs (COISA) “World Unity Fair” won Outstanding Cultural/Diversity Program of the year. 

“The world Unity fair is an opportunity for different nationalities to showcase their cultural diversity through traditional and unique customs. Additionally, it encourages international relations while promoting a message of cultural sensitivity through entertainment and education,” Ashley Munoz-Lerma, SLiCE student staff member, said.

Matt Mason of Beta Gamma Nu won the Outstanding Member of the Year award. 

“Mason’s impressive engagement within this RSO is multifaceted, thoughtful and influential,” Andrew Vanden Broeke, SLiCE student staff member, said. “From positively contributing to Beta Gamma Nu’s events, to leaning on already established campus connections for the benefit of the fraternity, and motivating his fraternity brothers…Matt very much earns this award.” 

For the second time, Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik won Outstanding Advisor of the Year. He advises Alpha Epsilon Pi International Fraternity, Chabad Jewish Student Organization, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Students for Holocaust awareness. 

“The Rabbi has earned this award due to his extremely strong sense of care for the students in the four registered student organizations he advises,” Sarah Stephens, SLiCE professional staff member, said. “The support the Rabbi provides leads to significant growth experienced by members and officers alike, but also involves social and personal growth for the students beyond student organization involvement.” 


Outstanding Emerging Leader of the Year was awarded to Natalie Rios of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). “Natalie’s direct role related to (Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day) included creating a nine-month plan starting last summer and leading into the current academic year. Natalie is not only a role model to her event team, but to fellow members of SWE and those generally within the RSO community, as she raises the bar for what it means to be an innovative, driven and mindful leader,” Mahira Ganster, SLiCE student staff member, said.

Colorado School of Public Health Student Council’s Katie Key was awarded the Outstanding Officer of the Year recognition. Brooke Isaacs, SLiCE student staff member, said “(Katie) is integral to the organization and is an ethical and strong leader. Called the consummate professional by one of her nominators, she does every task with purpose.”

The Outstanding New Organization of the Year award was given to the Zero Waste Team at CSU. 

“(Zero Waste Team) was instrumental in CSU’s decision to join the nationwide post landfill action network to give CSU students access to leadership training and instructions for holding diversion programs,” Eveline Vega, SLiCE student staff member, said.

Indian Student Association (ISA) won Outstanding Organization of the Year award. “ISA strives to make Indian culture known to their US American counterparts and works to create conducive environments for discussions, dialogue and learning,” Hermen Diaz, SLiCE professional staff member, said. “This outstanding organization conducts several significantly sized and positively impactful events throughout the year.” 

The Sport Clubs awards and recipients included Kelsey Post for Volunteer of the Year, Carter Fortuin for New Officer of the Year, Cierra Carrigan for the Carole Becker Officer of the Year, Rodeo Club and Logging Sports for Most Improved Club of the Year, Yaron ‘Saf’ Weinberg for Coach/Advisor of the Year, and the Women’s Ice Hockey Team for Bill Hill Sports Club of the Year.

Collegian reporter Audrey Weiss can be reached at or on Twitter @Audkward